Monday, March 04, 2024

Nice story, but I have a question

WILTON – A doggie debacle: A Stockton-area pooch named Gracie got her head stuck in a Biscotti bucket for two weeks. 

Carol Eisenbrandt runs Wilton Animal Rescue and said she was alerted about the dog's problem via social media.


Just how did that dog manage to survive for the 2 weeks without water with that container on its head? Two days, maybe. But two weeks?

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  1. There was a dog in a community near me that had it's head stuck in a pickle jar for over a week and it lived. During that time the dog could not be caught. I reckon the dogs vision would be distorted through the thick glass of the bottom of the jug, frightening the dog even worse than it already was and off the dog would run.
    Finally someone got the jug off and the dog lived happily ever after.


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