Thursday, March 21, 2024

The Odor of Mendacity: 2024 Could Turn on Smell of Selective Prosecution from Georgia to New York

Below is my column in the Hill on the recent decision in Georgia and the “odor of mendacity” rising out of various courtrooms across the country. It is the smell of not just selective prosecution but political bias in our legal system. It is becoming harder to deny the existence of a two-track system of justice in the country as commentators and even a few courts raise concerns over the role of politics in prosecutions. 

Here is the column:

The removal of lead special prosecutor Nathan Wade from Donald Trump’s prosecution had the feel of a Southern Gothic.


  1. They know they're lying. We know they're lying. They know we know they're lying. But they continue with their lying.
    And The People do jack and shit about it.

    1. In your face Chutzpah & The End Justifies the Means are great motivators used by obsessive, neurotic sociopaths who silence then crush anyone that has a different ideological agenda than them. They laugh at people who want to play fair, by the rules, and believe negotiating will result in a perfect union. In the meantime, the Deep Staters posing as Republicans are complicit because their fingers are in the pie, scared or both. We peasants are mere pawns in the game. Reality says, us slugs not only won't do anything we cannot do anything. We’re unorganized, undisciplined and will not give up our bread & circus toys. The sociopaths know that and they also know voting is merely a scam exercise to placate the rabble.

    2. "And The People do jack and shit about it."

      Unfortunately nothing seems able to change that. There's plenty of food and few of the people that will stray very far from their easy chairs and frig. Big game every weekend.

      The way to fight this is to monkey wrench the courts. Try to get on the jury instead of trying to avoid it. And when you do, proclaim jury nullification due to the existing perversion of equal justice. Fuck the system up.

  2. This problem isn't going away until we purge black women from the justice system. That's only a first step but the most necessary one.

    1. ...close, TwoDogs. You just need to place a "period" after the word "women".

  3. With all of the evidence presented during Fanni's hearing she should have been removed from the case along with her "boyfriend". She's got more RICO violations than she trying Trump for. But, you know, "black is beautiful", especially in Georgia.



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