Tuesday, April 16, 2024

FISA Bill Set to Include ‘Vast’ New Surveillance Powers

“…an amendment [to the bill] offered by House intel committee (HPSCI) leaders and passed by the House vastly expands the universe of entities that can be compelled to assist the NSA,” she pointed out. 

“If the bill becomes law, any company or individual that provides ANY service whatsoever may be forced to assist in NSA surveillance, as long as they have access to equipment on which communications are transmitted or stored—such as routers, servers, cell towers, etc.”


  1. I don't think I like the sound of this but thankfully I don't live there

  2. Democrats say they will save mcjohnson for being such a good democrat if the republicans try to get rid of him.

  3. Neuralink optic and audio capture are owned by the technology holder or the government?

  4. More evidence that probably won't register with the fantasy driven folks who believe life is fair and the good guys always win, but the Deep State cabal of career politicians are NOT American's friends. It's one big money & power collecting club and you ain't in it.

  5. Doesn't matter anymore. Can't escape it, can't avoid it. What difference does a "law" mean other than a way for them to get you. They pass exceptions, you don't. As far as the technology? If >you< can buy it, it's obsolete.

  6. Sounds like I have to allow them to use my brain. They are screwed.

  7. But congress has to be notified of they are being spied on, if their name comes up on a investigation , they have to be notified. So much for a single justice system. I found out years ago when I lived in califuckya , retired cops got ccw permits, allowed full capacity mage ,but no chance for the average citizen. I know you had a ccw Kenny, but I lived in co co county. No chance unless you knew someone and was well heeled.

    1. Nope, I never got a ccw until about a year after I moved out here.
      They were easier to get in my area, but the process was still tedious and costly. I just didn't want to deal with the process.

  8. More like 117 RINOs sold our asses down the river.

  9. From my understanding the alphabet agencies haven’t cared about laws for some time now. So… fuck’m.

  10. Commies gonna commie... Why is it still shocking to people?
    You voted for it! Now you're going to get it. Good and hard!

  11. Jesus, take the wheel. That's where I'm at. We plebes can't do much about this, sure as heck can't vote our way out of Clown World. So suck it up, buttercup and just be as prepared as you can be for whatever comes down the pike.


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