Friday, April 12, 2024

How They Salvaged Pearl Harbor: The Terrible First Day

December 7, 1941; Japanese aircraft roar in low over Pearl Harbor naval base, Oahu Hawaii. Within hours over 2,000 Americans will be killed and country will be thrust into the bloodiest conflict in human history. But how did the Navy deal with the massive cleanup left behind? Before they could get to work, hundreds of men needed rescuing - the wounded and, more worryingly, the trapped. Aboard the mighty battleships USS West Virginia, USS Oklahoma and USS Utah men were stuck deep within the confines of their battered and capsized ships' hulls. In this documentary series we'll take a closer look at the Pearl Harbor attack, examine the damage wrought and see how the US navy pulled off an incredible feat of engineering and salvage to put the majority of their Pacific fleet back in action. This is the true story of the salvage of Pearl Harbor!

VIDEO HERE  (25:44 minutes)


  1. I have been to Pearl Harbour and while looking around I couldn't help but feel sad over all the lives; lost and the destruction

  2. Lot of Brothers we're on the Arizona and other ships that day. You can read "Brothers Down": about Pearl Harbor and the Fate of the Many Brothers Aboard the USS Arizona. Author: Walter R. Borneman.

  3. drachinfel ,a naval historian has a multi part series on the pearl harbor salvage. Most interesting
    Dennis the librarian shusher

  4. Too bad the upper echelon didn't trust results of new technology.

  5. There are three videos in total. Fascinating. Never knew. The last recommends books by those that participated. Have my next reading material ordered. Thanks Kenny.

  6. Ex wife’s grandfather was wounded there. Wish I had gotten to know him better but they were all a strange lot.

  7. One of my great uncles was a civilian master electrician at Norfolk Naval Base when Pearl was attacked. He wanted to re-up (Navy 1919-1921) but was told he could serve better as an electrician to repair the damaged ships. He was in the first crew sent to raise and repair the battle ships. I remember him talking about it some but was too "stupid" to realize I should have asked more about it.


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