Thursday, April 18, 2024

Nashville Police Say ‘Ongoing Investigation’ Prevents Release Of Covenant Shooter’s Manifesto

Attorneys representing Nashville, Tennessee argued Tuesday in court that police were still investigating aspects of the shooting committed at the Covenant School last March, when a transgender-identifying shooter murdered six people, and, therefore, the city is unable to release documents related to the case such as the shooter’s writings.


Judge weighs ‘heavy burden’ of deciding future of Covenant writings; says case will set precedent

After two days of listening to both sides of the argument, a Davidson County judge will be deciding whether the Covenant School shooter’s writings should be released to the public. 

The show-cause hearing began on Tuesday, April 16, with each plaintiff spending several hours presenting their arguments to Davidson County Chancellor I’Ashea Myles. 

Setting precedent as to whether mass shooters’ writings should be made public seemed to weigh on the judge and came up frequently as Myles noted she was thinking about the “broader implications” of the hearing.


  1. Hey WC, sorry to be off-topic here but I've been trying for 2 days to get to Westernrifleshooters blog and keep getting a '502 bad gateway' screen....any idea what's going on?....I figured if anyone would know, you would.

    1. I haven't heard back from Pete but I'm told he's working on it. Please be patient. If he goes to another platform and URL, I'll post it for y'all.

  2. I'd have more respect for the cops and judge cocksuckers if they just came out and said: "You can't see the manifesto because it wouldn't fit the Trannies are really nice people narrative".

  3. These writings are being more heavily restricted than the Manhattan Project. The deranged tranny must have revealed too much of the truth behind the whole progressive/communist movement in her trannifesto. We cant' read what her fevered, Dr. Mengele damaged brain wrote, but have to endure the wall to wall Trump allegations. Thanks, "free press." The tranny and tranny adjacent mafia are the new pretenders to the throne. Guess it's too hard for them to tackle the intricacies. The best part is speculating what their role will be when their masters no longer have need of their lickspittle services. Every day that the LugenPresse refuses to do their professional duty here continues their autodelegitimization.

  4. Please, we all know this is bullshit..... Attempting to hide the facts is what's ongoing

  5. A deranged idiot killed 50 something Muslims in New Zealand a few years ago and he was painted as far right by the socialist government of the time to help with the anti gun rhetoric. His rambling manifesto was available for a short time before it was made an offense to have it. The ramblings were largely communist so didn't fit the narrative hence the ban.

  6. Who works for whom? Who is the employee, who is the employer? I thought so...

  7. Ongoing investigation? It's been over a year and was pretty much cut and dried to begin with. Are there any truth seeking Americans still on the police force???

  8. Let's face it, we can't be trusted with the truth...

  9. The (its) manifesto probably blamed the leftist agenda for its problems.

  10. The scribblings of the shooter most likely identify specific individuals and organizations who provided her with encouragement, training, and logistical support for her project. Many of the supporters might be readily traceable as FBI informants or even FBI agents.

    That would be the most probable reason to keep this stuff locked down tight and stall the "investigation". It takes time to put a good solid cover-up in place.


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