Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Smart people



  1. In America, that's called "Women's Empowerment".
    In my house it's called "Women are wonderful, but there are just some things they can't do as well as men".

    I know. I'm a horrible person. But I'm comfortable knowing that I'm right in that fact.

  2. I can never understand the difficulty women have fitting into a parking place. My spouse is no exception.

    1. No spatial awareness. Men can visualize the space around them and women have to talk themselves through each motion without relation to what's around them. If you value your life, don't be in the car when a gal tries to parallel park.

  3. My wife HAD a pretty yellow 71 Camero, and she parked it in our single garage to keep it safe and non-stolen shortly after we got married years and years ago. She took out BOTH sides of the body with her mad parking skillz in the first month we owned it. After, I was glad when it got Tboned and totalled out. Put it out of its misery.


  4. Well, she did manage to keep it in the large spot. So it's not like she hit the next car or got it sideways.

  5. I had a buddy who was a New Jersey Statt Trooper. He said that he used to write up accident causes when it was an Asian involved. It read: DWO ... which meant, "Driving While Oriental." Some of the worst drivers in the world.


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