Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Smith and Wesson Model 57 .41 Magnum - Hickok45

Shooting and discussing the history of the .41 Magnum!

VIDEO HERE  (34 minutes)


  1. Love the .41 Mag. Have a Ruger Blackhawk that loves to run on 240 gr. Platinum Tips and is a backup HD handgun in the unlikely event that the intruder happens to be an angry black bear.

    1. It's my favorite big bore caliber. I've got a Blackhawk that has accurately shot everything I've put through it, but it absolutely loves a 280 grain hardcast over 20 grains of H110.

  2. This very weapon is my favorite among My Girls, smooth as silk, and blow a hole right through anything. But it's become one of the Big Orphans in the handgun world. . . . and holy hell is it hard to pay for the ammo. . . if you can even find it!! Even reload supplies are at a premium.

  3. ".... a cult-like following."
    Well, yes.

  4. My .41 is what I rely on when I'm out there in North Idaho. Never feel under gunned!

  5. The Model 57 he was shooting got me curious, as I was unaware that Smith and Wesson ever made a Model 57 that was nickel plated, as 57s were first introduced after they had begun producing stainless revolvers. I thought he might have been shooting a highly polished stainless gun.
    I was wrong. His loaned gun was a no-dash Model 57, nickel plated, which was discontinued in 1982. And what a beauty it was.

    I wonder if hickok45 has ever kicked himself in the butt for letting that beauty get away.

  6. I always love listening to the .41 mag Cult guys. The problem I have is that I can find no fault in their arguments for the caliber. I'd get one but there is a certain domestic disagreement in our home concerning further aquisitions and I have to admit that argument also has some merit!

  7. I don’t know who else to ask but, what’s up with western rifle shooters? It’s been 502 bad gateway for 2 days that me, or them?

  8. Carried a M58,4" bull barrel fixed site as a street cop. Loved it.


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