Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Inflation Isn’t a Bug in the System, It’s a Feature

May brings more bad economic news for hard-pressed American households. “Transitory” inflation remains firmly entrenched at rates equal to or higher than those reported at the start of 2024.

The Labor Department reports this week that the Consumer Price Index, or CPI, it’s official measure of the rate of change in the retail price of a basket of everyday goods and services, rose 0.3% in the month of April, the same as for the month of January. For twelve months, CPI increased 3.4% through April compared to 3.1% for twelve months through January. And wholesale prices, a good indicator of future retail prices, increased much more than expected in April, rising at the fastest annual rate since April 2023.


  1. Sales tax revenues are keeping up with real inflation.
    Property taxes, too.
    Government revenuers are not hurting. Inflation looks wonderful to those undeserving parasites.
    - Loose

  2. Inflation is a tax. If you have money, inflation takes your money away and gives it to someone else. The money doesn't disappear: it appears.

  3. The assumption that politicians (or for that matter their corporate/banking masters) actually have a plan to increase inflation to, in essence, default on the national debt is IMHO optimistic.

    Specifically, it presumes that they don't hate us and actively want us dead. No, their plan is FAR worse than that.

    The POINT of their plan is to bankrupt and impoverish the American people, to make us all salves to our debts. And then, when we're all eating processed (and heavily subsidized) feed corn to survive, to engineer the collapse of the government at EVERY level, encourage foriegn invaders, and destroy Christianity and Freedom forever.

    For yea, they're outright satanists, and destroying freedom of religion in general and Christianity specifically is, and always has been, the agenda behind their "agenda."

    Their plans will fail, of course. "Fall into the pit they dug for the saints" I believe is how revelation puts it... Nah, can't find that quote. Something like that though! God will triumph, and fight our battles for us, provided we do our part. (Which isn't fighting against evil, BTW. The wicked will destroy the wicked.)

    John G

  4. when you get your numbers from government sources, please remember:
    garbage in, garbage out

  5. This article is clearly full of MAGA lies. Everyone I know tells me everything is fine. Lots of rainbows, unicorns f8rting hundred-dollar bills out of their butts ! Pardon me, I have to go to my "gender affirming" surgery appointment. TTFN.

  6. Who are the Republicans in the economy and who are the Democrats? Big inflation won’t hurt the rich terribly and the poor get handouts. The working middle class has to be destroyed and inflation will cripple them financially and spiritually. It's all part of the globalist chess game.

  7. If anyone still living votes for FJB in November, they truly need to have their head examined.

    1. No, they need to have their head removed. . .


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