Tuesday, May 28, 2024

NY governor calls Trump supporters 'clowns,' insists state will 'solidly' back Biden

NEW YORK CITY (TND) — New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul labeled supporters of former President Donald Trump "clowns" Thursday ahead of thousands attending a South Bronx campaign rally for the former president.


  1. She is very likely telling her voters that Trump will take away the jobs they already lost because of Joe.

  2. Old and busted: deplorable. New hotness: clowns.

  3. Excuse me Miss Hatchet Face, don't demean us Trump fans. We're Deplorables not clowns. Just ask your lesbian lover Hillary.

  4. Wear a diaper to show you got FJB covered this November.

  5. Could've fooled me! Did you see the sea of red MAGA hats at the Trump rally in The Bronx (of all places)? The crowd was primarily Black and Hispanic and there were about 25,000 of them. Even these voters know that Biden is a POS, and their economic well-being is best with Trump.

  6. I'm a clown, am I?

    Why don't I feel funny?

  7. I was aghast when that, that piss poor excuse for a bag of human flesh was appointed governor when Cuomo was givn the boot. I was completely blown away when it was elected governor. The majority of the people in NooYawk state are mentally ill. Burn it all down...

    1. NYFuckingCity and Albany control the politics of the state. It's like how San Franshitsco, Lost Angeles and Sacramento control all California politics. Same everywhere else, too.


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