Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Should've went to Yellowstone

A woman was gored during an encounter with a bull that was witnessed by startled beachgoers in the Cabo San Lucas area of Mexico’s Baja California Sur.

Video of the incident recorded Saturday by María Leticia Montaño Casas shows the bull eating from a bowl under the woman’s canopy as she is apparently trying to coax it away from the area.


  1. Anyone with a little common sense knows you mess with a bull you get the horns. Given a chance this bimbo would walk up to a Bison to get a selfie.

  2. What an imbullcile. What a nincowpoop. What an ultra maroon!

    - Bully for Bugs

  3. Well at least they got a PSA at the end of the news clip. It's "normal" for bulls to roam the beaches in Mexico.


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