Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Nearly Half of US EV Drivers Consider Switching Back to Gas Vehicles

More electric vehicle drivers are thinking about switching back to internal combustion engine automobiles, according to new findings from the 2024 McKinsey & Co. Mobility Consumer Global Survey. 

Forty-six percent of EV owners surveyed in the United States say they will likely return to driving gas-powered vehicles.


  1. Another
    I tried to Tell you...
    How can anyone smart enough to have the money to buy one be so Stewpid as to Actually buy one? Ohhh yeah,, same buncha idiots ,rich lefties....I don't get it. You'd think owning a business or being an investor would be enough to understand that Marxism is death. For government to try to force the market to Be what they want it to be and push a technology from Idea into maturity instead of allowing the market to grow and technology to mature is just obviously a bad idea. Hybrids make sense to me. That would keep batteries in demand while people hunt the next miracle battery. I remember the NiCad batteries and how many hassles came with. But they were a real leap forward.

  2. People are fad addicts. It's an example of most people emotionally reacting, instant gratification need to feel they're part of a righteous moral struggle. May these useless electric pieces of shit disappear like all those millions of useless covid masks and Ukraine flags.

  3. At this point, pretty much everybody who wants an electric car already has an electric car.

  4. Just wait until the batteries need replacement. It can cost $30k for a battery replacement depending on the vehicle.

  5. Down here in the deep south we have a wonderful thing that occurs every so many years. It's called contraflow hurricane evacuation. This magical time involves piling everything near and dear in to your car and turning what should be a 4 hour drive in to a 12 hour ordeal of late August heat and an interstate parking lot. Man it sure is going to be interesting seeing people piling all of those spare electricity cans on the roof. Honey we have to switch of the ac to conserve battery power, sure baby no problem, it's only 130 degrees on the interstate today!

  6. And the other half still haven't made it home yet in order to enter poll...

  7. This doesn't surprise me happening all over the place

    1. So we'll finally get equilibrium between all the people that actually want EVs and all those charging stations that didn't get built, despite .gov subsidies.

    2. It sure would be nice to know where all our money goes, but then again, maybe not!
      This old boy can only take so much more of this BS.

  8. In the UK company cars get massive tax breaks if they are electric. One guy we know even gets to charge his up at work so he spends nothing on fuel. The government is planning on fining car manufacturers if they don't sell at at least 20% evs. The car manufacturers are planning on closing UK car plants on mass. Many of the charging stations here are powered by diesel generators. The insanity never ends.


  9. My brother-in-law is a mechanic at a Nissan dealership. He told a story about a guy who bought an electric F-150 and planned to drive from the Canadian prairies to Florida.

    "The thing does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, but so fucking what? I can't drive more than 3 hours before I have to recharge the fucking thing, and that takes ALL DAMN DAY, and that's if I can even find a place to plug it in."

    Apparently he got as far as Iowa (which is about a 6 hour drive if I remember right) before he gave up and wound up renting a real vehicle so he could actually have a vacation.

    These are the stories the media won't report on. Even though they're everywhere and very relevant to all of us.


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