Friday, June 21, 2024

Now those are some seriously dedicated hounds

A fishing crew in Mississippi went out to catch fish, but came back with dozens of dogs instead. 

Bob Gist, of Arkansas, and his friend Brad Carlisle, of Tennessee, decided to meet up in Memphis and travel down to Grenada Lake for a quick fishing trip.


  1. Bless those guys. Hope they caught a lot of fish

  2. Every hunting season at the foot of the Blue Ridge I'd have a hound or two come in the yard. Emaciated, pads bloody and exhausted. I'd feed and water them. Let them sleep in the open part of the barn. Usually two or three days rest and they would be gone.

  3. AND they wouldn't take money from the dogs owners afterwards! Simply put, they're a couple of decent honest men that did the right thing. God Bless em!

  4. well, dogs will do what they are trained to do. but the good old boys better get free beer for a while if nothing else. there a good chance they will too, once word of this good deed gets out and around. well done men. this is something you can brag about with pride. saving a bunch of dogs you don't even know. again. well done

  5. The dog owners didn’t call for help?

  6. Good on them for helping the pups


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