Friday, June 21, 2024

Social media and youth mental health defining challenge of our time: Surgeon general

Creating a surgeon general's warning for social media is a necessary step to respond to the "defining public health challenge of our time," U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy told ABC News' Elizabeth Schulze in an interview on Monday.

"We are living in the middle of a youth mental health crisis, and I have said publicly that this is the defining public health challenge of our time. I firmly believe that. And social media has emerged as an important contributor to that youth mental health crisis, so making social media safer for our kids -- warning kids and parents about the harms associated with social media -- is urgent," Murthy said.


  1. damn phones. every summer when my grandson comes up for 10 days or so. I lock up his phone during the day. we are doing stuff. not watching other people do stuff.
    kind of funny in a way. the first few days he like a junkie needing a fix until I give him his phone back after dinner. by day 5 or so, the need is not as bad.
    he looking forward to this year as he gets to learn how to weld/solder and a few other skills. shocked his mom last winter when HE changed the flat tire without calling AAA
    image that ? dave in pa.

  2. Condom on the banana caught my attention better.

  3. I'm a little sceptical about this kind of thing. Pretty much since the dawn of civilisation the older generation has been fretting about what the young uns get up to. Their taste in music used to be the target Jazz and Rock 'n' roll in particular. When I was at school they used to get on our case if our hair was too long, now they are hassling school kids for having it too short. When I was less was a little less worldly I would have thought that, whatever the subject, consulting an expert was the obvious approach, someone who had studied the issue in great detail and knew what he was talking about. Now when I hear the word expert I think charlatan, someone who has convinced the imbeciles in the government that he has the answers to everyone's problems, answers which always align with the opinions of the idiots who are doling out the cash.

  4. Warning about social media causing kids to go looney is like warning drivers that roads cause crashes. Both are there and they ain't going anywhere. Remove the human factor and both won't cause anything. Not even climate change.

  5. When are we going to ban Tick-toc and the other Chinese psychological warfare apps? One one hand idiots killing themselves for 'Likes" helps clean out the gene pool but creating hyper-powered engine for bullying was a mistake.

    Getting this declaration looks like a good start.

    1. "Should the government......."

  6. Social media is here to stay for a while yet, but it sucks the influence it has over the young and the stupid


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