Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Bull that Dominated in 2024: World Champion Man Hater

Man Hater is the embodiment of sheer bull power. Watch all of his best moments throughout the 2024 Unleash the Beast Season and be crowned the YETI Bucking Bull Champion.

VIDEO HERE  (17:44 minutes)


  1. Those are some tough ol boys for sure. I've known a few retired riders. A couple of them were all crippled up.

  2. LOL Little old lady in here yelling her head off cheering Man Hater and Cassio Dias. That damn bull could stand on his head! I think I scared the neighbors again.

    1. That was a great ride, wasn't it? The bull bucked hard and Dias had perfect form all the way through it.

    2. Yessir. And it was just like when I saw Donnie Gay ride Oscar back in the day at Cow Palace. I'd brought my boyfriend with me to the big final night for all the big events... World Championship Jumping to start and the World Championship Bull Riding to end. He'd wanted a good cowboy hat for so long and I'd gotten him one for Christmas the year before, thought he should come and do some cowboy stuff to grow into it.

      He ended up being more astonished by my behavior than even the GORGEOUS display with Donnie and Oscar. I'd gone crazy. Not just whooping and rodeo calling. I was up on my feet, yelling with glee and cheering before even the eight seconds was up, and Randy was sitting there gaping at ME coming unstuck like that. He said, "Wow, you really *are* a yayhoo!" LOL.

      I was just about like that while watching Dias and Man Hater. Got my blood pumping for sure. Thanks.


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