Friday, August 14, 2009

Matt Rocks!!!!!!!


From Curtis Lowe
Click to enlarge, then come down on Curtis, not me.

I captured Jesus

Yolo, you're a goner.


Thanks to Kousin Karl

Busted! By the way, eat a fucking pork chop.

Yeah, keep your kids away from this cocksucker.

Lula, you're beyond help

I know, I am a sick motherfucker but I laughed til I cried when I saw this. Then I read it again and found it just as funny.
Shamelessly stolen form LulaBelle.
I'm headed to Bodie this weekend to show Lula and Hubbs (her's, not mine, I ain't that way) around. It's gonna be a good time.
I'll post pictures (with their approval) this Sunday or Monday when I sober up.

Tattoo Jim! You're back!

Gald to see you back safe and sound, Bro.
I missed your comments.
I'd write more but I gotta piss.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.....

Bacon flavored rolling papers......
Are you checking this out, Yolo? Hey Yolo? Yolooooooo?
Damn, they think of everything, don't they? Next, you'll have some stoner trying to grow bacon flavored weed. Hey!!!!! I could do that! Hmmmmm.......
Thanks, VC

I could spend my whole paycheck in that bar

Keepin' a Brotha down


Gotta be California (again)

A sobering image

My bud Brian (Franklin's Daddy) recently went to DC.
Here's the only picture of his visit that he sent.
And when you think about it, it was the only picture that he needed to send. I mean, you can see all the sights, visit all the monuments, go to the museums, everything, but if it wasn't for the Men and Women that have sacrificed their lives for our wonderful Nation, we wouldn't have any of it.
Thanks, Brian

Ya think?

I opened the paper this morning while sitting on the can (I read it there so I can REALLY express my opinion on current events) and saw where Fuckhead Obama's Town Hall meeting was calm, even subdued.
When I get home, I pop a beer (So I can forget about current events) and turn on the news and hear the same thing.
Okay, two things:
One, do you honestly think that they let just anybody into the room? Seriously, do you think they would've allowed me or Woody in? Me, maybe. Woody? Yeah, right. If you knew Woody, you'd understand.
Two, ANYBODY is going to be calm and subdued when you've been searched, quizzed and God knows what else, then surrounded by his henchmen armed with Uzis and (again) God knows what else?
Except Woody.

Chris's guns

The tale of two camps.I didn't realize, until I put this picture together, that this represents the first two firearms I ever purchased and the last two, so far.
I bought the Camp 9 (bottom) back in 1985, right after my 18th birthday. The Star Mod.30 pistol in 1988, just after I turned 21. The fact that the magazines were interchangeable was pure dumb luck. The Thompson/Auto-Ordanace 1911 fell in my lap in late 2008, 21 years later. Mid 2009, a Camp 45 pops out of nowhere and now I have the sets!!
I had always wanted a Camp 45 to go with the 9 but never dreamed of actually finding one. Pure dumb luck again!
Together at last!
-Chris L.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good morning, Guys

Oh hell yeah!!!!


And you wonder why I'm afraid of clowns

Cousin Bessie comes to visit

A case of the clap?


That's my Punkindog!

With legs like that, I'd be dry-humping her too.

Fuck you, Hillary

Clinton snapped at the university student in Kinshasa on Monday when he asked what her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and Congo native and former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo thought about an international financial matter. Mutombo was appearing with her at the university.
"Wait. You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?" Clinton asked in response. "My husband is not the secretary of state; I am. So you ask my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I'm not going to be channeling my husband."

Now wait a minute. Isn't this the same woman that so arrogantly proclaimed "WE are the President" when her whore mongering husband held that office?
My, aren't we huffy?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gotta save the important stuff

No safety award for you this week

Ha! You should've seen the look on your face!

The Tiny Cabin

A social worker from a big city in Massachusetts recently transferred to the Mountains of North Carolina and Georgia and was on the first tour of her new territory when she came upon the tiniest cabin she had ever seen in her life. Intrigued, she went up and knocked on the door.
"Anybody home?" she asked.
"Yep," came a kid's voice through the door.
"Is your father there?" asked the social worker.
"Pa? Nope, he left afore Ma came in," said the kid.
"Well, is your mother there?" persisted the social worker.
"Ma? Nope, she left just afore I got here," said the kid.
"But," protested the social worker, "are you never together as a family?"
"Sure, but not here," said the kid through the door. "This is the outhouse!"

Government workers are so smart. Aren't you overjoyed that they'll soon be handling all our financial, educational and medical dilemmas?


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Aghhhh! Somebody throw her some bacon!

Left or right?

I'll take the one on the left. I'm looking to the future - in a couple of years the one on the right will have floor length titties if they're not there now without the Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder.


Should've got one for my ex

My ex could've used one of these. She had to piss every 40 miles. I think I knew every potty stop between here and Reno.......

Mmmm, fried rat!

You just got a time out for chucking rocks


And no tattoos, Badgirl.