Friday, May 07, 2010


Well, my Grandpa Bud has  been feeling poorly lately so he went to his heart doctor last week only to find out that the stent they put in last January has already clogged up, with all of his arteries clogged up 99 per cent.
I swear, that motherfucker must be pumping pure cholesterol through his veins.
Anyways, when Doc McMillan told him there was nothing he could do because of the 3 previous bypasses, scar tissues and age, Bud looked up and grinned.
Mama asked if he was okay and Bud said "Yeah,I can eat me a bacon and egg breakfast finally."
Fucking A, Old Man.
Fuck Death.


Thanks, Steve!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Don't worry, Elizabeth. He's still alive.

Naw, I'm not really going to kill CharlieGodammit.
All in all, he's a damned fine dog. He gets along great with other dogs and children, he's still on the wagon, he gets along fine with the Evil Cats, he hates Mormons and Jehovah Witness's and he don't eat much. He'll outgrow the chewing stage. I hope.
Took me awhile to tame him down, but it was worth it.

Skip, I don't know what to say. Chewed the tip off your flyrod? I would've beat him with the rest of it......

Monday, May 03, 2010

Bacon. Mmmm, Bacon.....

Bacon strip pancakes? Absolutely fucking brilliant!
Thanks for passing this on, Steve.

Youtube comes to Oklahoma

My future second ex wife

Thanks, Hillary. The US is now safer.

Hillary Clinton released to the UN the number of warheads (5113) we have in our nuclear arsenal.
Since when do you give the number of weapons you have to your enemy?
That's like me telling an armed robber "If you fuck with me I'll shoot your dumb ass. But first you should know that I have a Colt 45 with 7 bullets and no extra magazines."
What a fucking dumbass.

Oh wait, I forgot:
The Obamessiah already said we wouldn't use our nukes even if we get nuked first.
Let me re-phrase my comparison.
That's like me telling an armed robber "I've got a 45 with 7 bullets but I won't use it. Please leave me alone. Pretty please?"
They're both fucking dumbasses.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

In defense of the dog...

See the post below.
In defense of the dog, I was smoking some pig meat and I keep my wood chips and charcoal in the garage and I'm too fucking lazy to keep opening and shutting the garage door.
So while I'm kicking back in the house watching Predator Quest, CHARLIE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!! went into the garage, pulled my waders off the hanger and decided they were a giant chew toy.
I'm still gonna shoot that sonofabitch tomorrow when everybody in the neighborhood is at work and nobody's around to report the gunfire.

I'm gonna kill that dog

My dog is having an identidy crisis which is perfectly understandable.
He can't figure out if his name is CharlieGodamit or CHARLIE YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!
Doesn't matter much much, he hauls ass whenever he hears either one.
I cannot believe he hauled out and chewed holes in my $200 waders, and right at the beginning of High Country trout season.
Charlie, you motherfucker........

WTF? (sorry, Deb)

I caught the first episode of "America - The Story Of Us" on the History channel last week and thought it wasn't too bad, even though they had The Obamessiah do the introduction on it. Hell, I consider myself a history buff and I actually learned a couple of things I didn't know.
Then I watched part of the second episode. I turned the motherfucker off when they had Sheryl Crow, Puff Diddy and Al Fucking Sharpton doing commentaries.
It was bad enough when they had the first two "celebrities" talking about our heritage (?) but when did Al Fucking Sharpton quit being a laughingstock and became a respected history scholar?
Give me a break.......

Gotta get some

Uh-huh. Sure. You bet.

I just heard The Obamessiah down in Louisiana saying that BP is going to be financially responsible for the clean-up of the oil rig disaster.
My ass. It's going to be the consumers of gasoline in the form of higher prices.
Thanks to Karen for the photo.

Oklahoma lawmaker defends wire money transfer fee after Mexican congressman criticizes law

An Oklahoma legislator who wrote a law imposing new fees for wire money transfers defended the measure Monday after a Mexican congressman assailed it as "discriminatory and immoral."
Mexico's House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution last week urging government agencies, including state-run oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, known as Pemex, to stop buying products from Oklahoma because of its tax on wire money transfers.
Congressman Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, president of the House's Economic Committee, said the embargo should serve as an example to other U.S. states who may consider copying Oklahoma.
"It's best that they know that Mexico will take action against states who do this," he said Monday during an interview in Spanish.
Guajardo Villarreal said his goal is to get Oklahoma to lift the tax and to get the U.S. government to intervene.
But Oklahoma Rep. Randy Terrill, who wrote the law that went into effect last year, accused Mexican lawmakers of trying to "bully" Oklahoma and called for even tougher sanctions against illegal aliens in the state.
"I think this is pretty clearly an attempt by a foreign nation to interfere with the internal affairs of a sovereign U.S. state, and I don't take too kindly to it, to be frank," said Terrill, R-Moore.
"If they're going to talk about embargoing anything, they need to start with an embargo on all those people running dope across the border into Oklahoma," he added.
The bill passed last year imposes a $5 fee on wire transfers of $500 or less. Wire transfers of more than $500 are subject to a fee of 1 percent.
The money goes into the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics' "Drug Money Laundering and Wire Transmitter Revolving Fund."
A spokeswoman for Colorado-based Western Union said Oklahoma is the only state that imposes such a fee, but a similar bill is being considered in Kansas.
Since the law went into effect in June, about $3.7 million has been deposited into the fund, OBN Director Darrell Weaver said.
Terrill, a harsh critic of illegal immigration, said the new law burdens mostly illegal immigrants and drug traffickers from Mexico who wire illegal proceeds back to their home country. A provision was added to the bill that allows legal residents to deduct the fee from their state income taxes, he said.
According to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, exports to Mexico increased more than 40 percent in 2009 to more than $527 million, making that country second only to Canada in consumption of Oklahoma's goods.
"Obviously, any action that reduces trade would impact Oklahoma exporters in terms of revenue and market demand," Commerce spokesman Jason McCarty said. "It's premature to speculate on the specific economic impact the proposed resolution would have on Oklahoma."
Manufactured machinery accounted for about 31 percent of Oklahoma exports to Mexico, followed by processed foods (13.7 percent) and computer and electronic products (8.9 percent).

Thanks to Chris for pointing this out to me.


Thanks to Karen, Tom, Larry, and Yolo (I think).

Please don't breed!

Man, that is one ugly dope whore!