Friday, January 21, 2011

Paybacks, Achmed.

An 18-year-old suicide bomber went bang and appeared before Allah. He said, "Oh, Allah, I did your bidding, but I have a request. Since I'm only 18 and spent all my time in terrorist training school, I never was with a woman. So, instead of 72 virgins, who also won't know what to do sexually, can I have 72 whores?"
Allah regarded him for a moment, then replied, "Actually, the 72 virgins are here in heaven because assholes like you murdered them before they could experience the pleasure of sex. So you're here for them, not them for you. You're to service them and since they're virgins, they're quite sexually ravenous; and, frankly, you'll be on constant, exhausting duty."
The bomber responded, "Well, I guess I can live with that. How hard can it be to keep 72 women satisfied for all eternity?"
Allah replied, "Who said they are women?"


Tattoo Jim said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... now that's fucking funny!!!!!!

drjim said...

Man, that's gotta be the BEST "72 virgin" joke I've ever heard!