Saturday, March 05, 2011

Gooooo, Longhorns!!!!!!

God Bless Texas!

Yup, it was his sister......

Corncerning my post last night I finally got a reply. Two of them as a matter of fact, both within seconds of each other.

And then the second:

Told you he was a whiney li'l bitch, didn't I?

Gotta do what ya gotta do best

Well, the mercury has crept back up above 60 degrees here in Washington, and so it’s time once again for President Obama to head out to the golf course.
This is the president’s 60th time golfing as president, meaning Obama has spent two months of his presidency on the golf course.
The rounds usually take about five hours, including motorcading back an forth to the course.
According to statistics compiled by CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller, who keeps close tabs on the president’s activities, Obama played 30 rounds in 2010, 28 rounds in 2009, and two this year, including today.
George W. Bush gave up golfing in 2003, explaining why he did it in a 2008 interview with POLITICO.
“I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf,” he said. “I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”

Click photo to enlarge

Fuck, better to have him playing golf than in the office fucking up our country even more.........

Chris Matthews on his idol..... But beautiful? Seriously?

Fuck, Matthews...... don't get jizz all over him next time he graces you with his presence.

Hey!!!! That's me!!!!!

The Southern Povertys' Law Center definition of a muslim hate group:
Anti-Muslim hate groups are a relatively new phenomenon in the United States, most of them appearing in the aftermath of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Earlier anti-Muslim groups tended to be religious in orientation and disputed Islam’s status as a respectable religion.
All anti-Muslim hate groups exhibit extreme hostility toward Muslims. The organizations portray those who worship Islam as fundamentally alien and attribute to its followers an inherent set of negative traits. Muslims are depicted as irrational, intolerant and violent, and their faith is frequently depicted as sanctioning pedophilia, marital rape and child marriage.
These groups also typically hold conspiratorial views regarding the inherent danger to America posed by its Muslim-American community. Muslims are depicted as a fifth column intent on undermining and eventually replacing American democracy and Western civilization with Islamic despotism. Anti-Muslim hate groups allege that Muslims are trying to subvert the rule of law by imposing on Americans their own Islamic legal system, Shariah law.
Anti-Muslim hate groups also broadly defame Islam, which they tend to treat as a monolithic and evil religion. These groups generally hold that Islam has no values in common with other cultures, is inferior to the West and is a violent political ideology rather than a religion.


Now that describes my beliefs towards muslims right down to a Tee, especially, especially the last 10 words.
It doesn't describe me as a person but it does my thoughts towards a particular issue we face today.
Does that make me a hateful motherfucker?

Federal gun-smuggling surveillance program backfires.

Disturbing recent news reports suggest that federal agents knowingly let arms buyers for Mexican drug cartels smuggle high-powered weaponry across the border, with deadly consequences for U.S. law enforcers. Mexican leaders have warned for years that lax U.S. enforcement of gun smuggling was fueling border-area violence, but they should be particularly disturbed to learn that, in some cases, weapons were being deliberately allowed to flow southward.

CBS News reported last week about Project Gunrunner, an operation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to track how weapons purchased in U.S. gun stores reached Mexican drug gangs. Had Gunrunner been a limited, tightly focused study, it might have provided useful intelligence to shut down major gun-smuggling operations. Instead, it went badly awry.

As CBS reported, nervous gun shop owners in Arizona phoned ATF, warning repeatedly that suspicious buyers were acquiring arsenals of AK-47s and .50-calibre rifles. Later, ATF’s own agents complained when senior-level officials pressed ahead with Project Gunrunner. One agent estimated 2,500 guns crossed the border into Mexico.

On Dec. 14, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in Arizona. The serial numbers of two AK-47 assault rifles found at the scene were traced to a smuggler under ATF surveillance.

In North Texas, at the same time, ATF agents were conducting another Project Gunrunner surveillance operation involving brothers Otilio and Ranferi Osorio. ATF and Drug Enforcement Administration officials organized the November undercover transfer of about 40 weapons believed to be destined for a Mexican drug cartel. When Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata was gunned down Feb. 15 in Mexico, ballistics tests and a partial serial number linked one weapon used in the shooting to Otilio Osorio. He was not arrested until Monday.

ATF Dallas division spokesman Tom Crowley said that at no time did weapons in the North Texas operation “walk into Mexico.” All 40 guns were seized in Laredo, he said.

Still, the fact that Osorio and others known to have smuggling connections remained free adds to our concern about Project Gunrunner.

As President Barack Obama and his Mexican counterpart, Felipe Calderón, made clear Thursday in Washington, cooperation is growing between the two nations to curtail gun smuggling. Both sides understand the deadly consequences when American guns reach murderous Mexican drug gangs.

ATF’s enthusiasm in expanding the fight is laudable. Its tactics, however, need radical revision. There’s no telling how many people died from Project Gunrunner weapons. ATF must provide a full accounting of the operation and explain what, exactly, were the benefits reaped from a program that appears to have directly fed Mexico’s gun violence and may well have contributed to two American law enforcement deaths.
The boys at Sipsey Street Irregulars are the ones that have been on this shit since Day 1 and refused to let go of it, not allowing the media and Obamas' government to sweep it under the rug.
So now the ATF, long out of control, can officially add the murder of Border Patrolman Brian Terry and God knows how many innocent Mexican citizens to the victims of Ruby Ridge and Waco - and those are just the well known ones.
I'm thinking that maybe it's time to disband and fully investigate all of their abuses and please dear God in heaven, please let be Obama be directly connected to it.
Thanks to Sipsey Street Irregulars for bulldogging it and Dallas News for being the first major paper to pick it up.

Ghetto Disney

Another "Aw Fuck" moment in time



"I promise 100% transparency in my administration."
"I promise NO NEW TAXES on a family making less than $250K a year."
"I will allow 5 days of public comment before I sign any bills."
"I will remove earmarks for PORK projects before I sign any bill."
"I will end Income Tax for seniors making less than $50K a year."
"I'll put the Health Care negotiations on CSPAN so everyone can see who is at the table!"
"I'll have no lobbyists in my administration."
Did you get yours yet?
Me, neither. Demand is too great....

Judge refuses mans' guilty plea

MANTECA — A man accused of driving more than 40 miles at speeds of up to 100 mph with his wife clinging to the hood of their minivan admitted he was guilty, but the judge refused to accept his plea.
"I did that to my wife. I did all of that to my wife. I'm guilty," Christopher Michael Carroll, 36, said in San Joaquin County Superior Court on Thursday.
Carroll was charged with attempted murder, corporal injury to a spouse and assault with a deadly weapon in the bizarre case that has captured worldwide attention.
Carroll also told the court that he wants to be his own attorney. Judge Ronald Northup did not accept his plea, however. The case has been transferred to the Stockton courthouse and Carroll will appear there Tuesday for further arraignment.


I read about this shit earlier and didn't pay much attention to it so I really don't know all the details but basically what I got was the man and his wife were arguing, he had enough and tried to leave and she jumped on the hood to stop him. Instead of doing the right thing, though, and slamming on the brakes and rolling her dumb ass into the street and then leaving, he fucked up and left anyways - with her on the hood.

But after he sobers up and calms down he goes to court and mans up and admits he was wrong to the liberal judge and is ready to take his medicine.
But wait! The judge, who apparently hasn't read a newspaper in a few years and doesn't know that Kalifornia as well as the Federal Government is up to their collective asses in debt decided to not accept the plea (what the fuck?) and kicks the case on up the line for further arraignment (another WTF?) which just costs me and you another few thousand bucks.
Hopefully, the judge on Tuesday will accept his plea, hand him his sentence and thank him for saving us the cost of a trial even though he could probably beat the attempted murder charge with a decent attorney.

Another illegal for us to support

Stanislaus County sheriff's detectives arrested a man and booked him into the county jail in Modesto on charges that he molested two children.
The sheriff's office said detectives were called to Bret Harte Elementary School after a child told a school staff member that her father had molested her. The child told detectives there were two victims, according to a sheriff's office news release, but it was unclear if the second victim was related to the man or the girl.
Detectives contacted the girl's father, Juan Gutierrez Lopez, and interviewed him before arresting him. They determined that Lopez had been using the alias of Cesar Murillo-Guizar for the past five years.

According to investigators, Lopez was wanted on a felony drug warrant issued in Santa Clara County in 2003. Lopez went to Mexico, obtained a false identification card and came to Modesto in 2006 to live with his family.

Hey Janet, you wanna tell this guys' victims how secure our borders are?

I wonder what a can of Cope goes for?


And I wonder why I don't have any friends

One of my partners kicks me a FWD video a little bit ago. I didn't watch it yet, I didn't see any xxx in the title, so it could wait. Besides, I never got past the addresses.
Every fucking one of them was to guys we work with, plus a few I can add.
Hey, we've all known and worked and partied with each other for the past 20 years, damned near.
In other words, Greg was fair game.
Now I love Greg (The Whiney Lil Bitch) who almost had his legs cut off in a Harley/Volkswagen (snicker) accident a few years back and snivels about it to this day. I mean, I know it must've smarted some, but give it a rest, Brother. Concentrate on that ugly ass tattoo you refuse to get covered.... or at least finished.
Excuse me. I am lightly buzzed and my mind has wandered.
So anyways.
Even though I kinda like Greg, he ain't real smart sometimes and he can't blame the bike accident for that. He was wearing a helmet plus he was born ignorant.
Anyways, He hasn't quite figured out how to cut-n-paste or download or upload. Hell, I ain't even sure he knows how to open his cell phone.
So when he forwards something, he forwards the whole fucking thing.
So as I'm looking for something anything that might be interesting I see a message from Janie:

Blah blah blah, thought you'd get a kick blah blah.
(916) xxx-3495

So I kick a quickie back to Greg - as a "reply all":

Who's Janie? Does she take it up the ass? How old is she? Is she really a she or one of them he/shes or one of them he-wannabe-shes? Is she white? Is she rich? What about FFM action? While she films it? How about minor BDSM? Torture? Cuddling and holding hands? Can she skin a coyote? How about suckin' toes - mine, not the coyotes?
Must be clean and sober, can't handle drama.

Fuck. After I thought about it, I remember that Greg has sisters and several firearms. I can outrun Greg any old day but maybe not a 30.06. And the 916 area code is just up the road. Is Janie (who's probably bisexual) his fucking sister? I mean, he probably gets most of his email from his family because I don't think he's got a lot of friends.....
So I fire off another one to cover my ass to let him know it was in jest.

Hey is Janie your fucking sister? Oh, man, I am so sorry. I didn't mean to talk shit about her but I was just wondering, you know.
Is she fat? Does she have big titties? Can she skin a coyote? How about teeth and facial tattoos? Either/or is fine.

So. It's like almost midnight here and I'm sure he's been blacked out for at least an hour now. This is good. He won't see this shit until tomorrow afternoon sometime when he recovers but before he goes under again for the evening. But when he does see it he'll be in a really foul mood so his answers will be vicious but predictable. He'll either talk shit about my mother, my sister, or me. Plus he'll tell me "Oh, it's on now, motherfucker."
I'll post his replies when I get 'em. Should be about Monday.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Ramble, ramble

It was a pretty nice day today - a little sun in the morning but even after it clouded over it stayed warm. Hell, I just stepped out back a minute ago and it's still 65 degrees at 7:30 PM.
So nice that I seriously considered going fishing in the morning.
Naw, fuck that. I'd have to get up before the crack of 9 and I'm feeling extra lazy tonight.
Besides, with gas the way it is I'd better not. Fuck, it cost me 52 bucks for 14 gallons day before yesterday.

Not a joke if it was in California

A woman went to her doctor for a follow-up visit after the doctor had prescribed testosterone for her. She was a little worried about some of the side effects she was experiencing. "Doctor, the hormones you've been giving me have really helped, but I'm afraid that you're giving me too much. I've started growing hair in places that I've never grown hair before."
The doctor reassured her. "A little hair growth is a perfectly normal side effect of testosterone. Just where has this hair appeared?"
"On my balls....."

Somebody's ready for a smoke and a nap

Bet ya wish you hadn't forgotten to feed Fluffy now


ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) -- A dog ate three of his owner's toes as the diabetic man slept, most likely out of instinct to help remove diseased flesh, animal experts say.
James Little, 61, called 911 on Tuesday to say his dog had eaten the body parts while he was sleeping. He told The Associated Press on Friday that he is "doing fine."
Little suffers from diabetes, of which one symptom is numbness in the hands or feet.
The dog, a Shiba Inu, was acting on its instinct to remove diseased flesh and does not appear to be dangerous, said Douglas County Animal Control Deputy Lee Bartholomew.
Dogs have been known to eat dead or diseased human flesh. A family's dog in Illinois ate the toes off a 10-year-old girl's left foot while she slept last December. She had a sore on her foot.
In August, a dog in Michigan bit off most of its owner's infected big toe after the man passed out from alcohol. The man had diabetes, and the animal was apparently attracted to a festering wound.
Little has given up ownership of his dog, putting it up for adoption pending an examination and a standard 10-day quarantine to determine it does not have rabies, Bartholomew said.
"We are going to find a new home for it," Bartholomew said.
The dog was taken to Roseburg's Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, where executive director Wendy Kang said the animal is healthy but appears anxious.
Little was in fair condition at a hospital and expected to be released later Friday.

Yeah, I'd be getting rid of the motherfucker, too.
That's some weird ass shit.......

'cause that's how we roll, Achmed

"Hey, fucker."
"Hey. Whatcha up to right now?"
I licked my fingers and then wiped them on my pants. "Sittin' here eating a bacon, sausage and ham sandwich and readin' the koran. Why?"
"You're seriously eating all them pork pork products while reading that?"
"That's the only way to read it, you know?" Burp. Whew.
Long silence....... "I fucking love you, Bro....... damn......"
I could almost hear him choking up. And I never did find out why he called to begin with.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Danielle's dead. It was a happy day.

A devout muslim. Imagine that.....

FRANKFURT, Germany – Two U.S. airmen were killed and two others were wounded at Frankfurt airport when a man opened fire on them at close range with a handgun, the first such attack on American forces in Germany in a quarter century. President Barack Obama called the Wednesday shooting an "outrageous act."
The alleged assailant, identified as a 21-year-old Kosovo man, was taken immediately into custody and was being questioned by authorities, said Frankfurt police spokesman Manfred Fuellhardt.
Family members in Kosovo described the suspect as a devout Muslim, who was born and raised in Germany and worked at the airport.

And yet I can guarantee you that that fucking muslim-in-chief will not describe this as a terrorist attack.
"He was just a member of a peace-loving religion that was frustrated with blah blah blah...."

I'm just saying.......

Please read this entire post. You're going to see a message from a friend in the military (whos' identity I have protected) and a ruling from the Supreme Court. They reflect opposite views from the same government. The first concerns Right Wing blogs, the second concerns the 1st Amendment.

Ken this has nothin to do with the post. This is the quickest way I can let you know the man is shuttin you down! On all DoD computers, pictures and tags are "X'ed"outand won't show,anything and I mean anything embedded or linked to FOX video causes IMMEDIATE computer shutdown and require re-start,CONTINUOUSLY!!Check you bud list for same action, they're hittin all the GOB, III's' etc. Stuxnet lite...Watch your top-knot,stay at name tape defillade, may be our last comms....

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a grieving father's pain over mocking protests at his Marine son's funeral must yield to First Amendment protections for free speech. All but one justice sided with a fundamentalist church that has stirred outrage with raucous demonstrations contending God is punishing the military for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality.
The 8-1 decision in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., was the latest in a line of court rulings that, as Chief Justice John Roberts said in his opinion for the court, protects "even hurtful speech on public issues to ensure that we do not stifle public debate."

I'll take on the second one first.
While I find it absolutely abhorrent that anybody would picket a funeral of any kind and especially so the funeral of a Patriot that voluntered to serve our nation, I will freely admit that I am not a Constitutional Scholar and I am not learned in the law of our Land. I am also not a pinko left wing judge appointed by a president of like mind. I had to throw that in.......
What I am thankful for is for those that have chosen the noble undertaking of protecting these families from this outrage of justice. We have men and women that give up their free time to attend these funerals and guard the families of our Nations' Protectors from these religious zealots.
Bless you.

Now the first one:
While our Supreme Court protects the "right" to cause more grief of a loved one that served his/her Nation, we have a commander-in-chief that either has authorized or in the very least allowed the censorship of internet traffic which is a violation of our 1st Amendment rights.
When I was a soldier many years ago, we were taught to obey orders but at the same time we were also expected to recognize an unlawful order. But the knowledge of an unlawful order took the knowledge to recognize it as such.
So when our military is ordered to supress, whether by force or by technology, our guaranteed right to Free Speech, will they know that this is a lawful order?
Apparently in todays' military, this knowledge is being restricted. And I have to say that because of a flagrant violation of our Civil Rights, because of a ruler that ignores our beloved Constitution, because of his arrogance, we are closer to a revolution than we have since our beginning.
Remember, the 2nd Amendment protects the other amendments.
Load 'em up, Boys.........

I'm hoping that my regular readers will forgive me of the fact that I didn't say Fuck Shit or Piss once in this entire post but I'm kinda sorta hoping this motherfucker will get posted elsewhere.


So I was sitting here awhile ago watching CGD maul a rawhide bone at my feet (better the bone than my feet) and thinking about how much he's brought into my life.
I'm at least his fourth owner, and it's no wonder as hard to control as he was when he first came to me. He was almost completely feral, untrained, and fairly mean when I picked him up from his last owner. I truly think that the woman that had him was afraid of him as he grew and he sensed it.
But after 9 months of putting up with me, he's gotten very large (from 55 to 90 pounds), he's trained to both voice and hand signals, he can damned near read my mind, and while extremely protective with my house house and his yard, he's very gentle with other people (especially kids) and other animals except coyotes.
I can actually go to sleep without a firearm in my room with him there and feel as protected as if I had my 45 at my bedside. Other dogs I've had, I've depended them for warning but him? I can depend on him for defense. And he can be so loyal...... lays at my feet, sleeps by my side, and guards my house.
In return, he don't ask for much. He likes his Alpo warmed (no shit) in the morning, he loves his rawhide chews and the occasional cow leg bone, and his doggie treats when he comes in from shitting or pissing outside instead of on an Evil Cat.
And he loves the fuck out of me, especially when I crawl down next to him on the floor and let him know how much I appreciate his wolf/dog bullshit. I can tell because he doesn't bite me..........

Because he can......

......the lucky fucker.
Good thing I can't do that or I'd never make it to work.

Come cut my head off, motherfucker.

Mohammed was an immoral goat-fucking, child molesting pervert, Allah sucked him off, and your holy book is full of shit.
I've been printing this shit for a few years and I got nothing from you. I guess it's easier to fatwah some Danish cartoonist that's going to run and hide than a redneck that doesn't much give a fuck about anything, huh?

Attack a liberal icon for grins

If you see a liberal wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt, say: "Yeah, when I was a kid I thought I was cool and outrageous wearing a Charles Manson t-shirt—until my mom and dad told me exactly the sick things he'd done. I guess you never learned that your sicko mass murderer Che killed way more people than my mass murderer did."

#61 from "365 ways to drive a liberal crazy"

Mohammeds' first love? His last love?

- Soylent Green

Ahhh, you're both fucking punks......

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Monday that he won't condemn Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and he warned that the United States is preparing an invasion of the North African country to seize control of its oil reserves.

"We must be prudent. We know what our political line is: We don't support invasions, or massacres, or anything like that no matter who does it. A campaign of lies is being spun together regarding Libya," said Chavez, in a televised speech to a crowd of graduates who had just received diplomas from state universities.
"I'm not going to condemn him (Gadhafi)," he said. "I'd be a coward to condemn someone who has been my friend."
The U.S. government is behind the campaign to remove Gadhafi, he added.
"The United States has already said it's ready to invade Libya, don't you see? And almost all the countries of Europe are condemning Libya ... What do they want. They are rubbing their hands together. Oil is what's important to them," he said.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


My sitemeter only gives me data on the last 100 visitors (because I'm a cheap bastard and won't pay for full service) but this is the first time in  months I haven't had a hit from an arab country in I don't know how fucking long.
Maybe it's because I haven't posted a camel toe, Obama, muslim porn, babe, or drunk chick picture all day. Ya think?
Fucking scumbag hippocrates.........

Whatever works.....

Loud and Rebel Proud, motherfuckers!!!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Fat Kid Avoids Ridicule By Swimming With Shirt

We must all make sacrifices.....

I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ONE MORE GODDAMN THING ABOUT MY CARBON FOOTPRINT: Obama Flies Personal Trainer from Chicago to White House Every Week.
“With a schedule as hectic as President Obama’s it must be hard to stick to a training regimen without help — but why does he insist on having his old trainer fly out from Chicago to D.C. regularly when Obama and his wife exhort the rest of us to drive less? And in a recession?” Those kinds of worries, like taxes, are for the little people.

Just sayin'

You ever notice how fucking huffy people get when you go into a restaurant and tell 'em you only want white people touching your food?

Gotta be Mexico

I'm getting a headache just looking at the picture.


muslim hottie

And of course we all know the muslim mating call, right?
"Baaaaa. Baaaaaa, baaaaaaa.

How to starve an Obama supporter

How do you starve an obama supporter??
Hide their food stamps.........
under their work shoes.

Who cares that it's unconstitutional?

WASHINGTON – Anxious to ease deepening political tensions with the states, President Barack Obama on Monday told governors he wants to speed up their ability to enforce his signature health care law on their own terms. But his concession goes only so far: He warned he won't allow states to weaken the law.

Better late than never

AP - International pressure on Moammar Gadhafi to end a crackdown on opponents escalated Monday as his loyalists fought rebels holding the two cities closest to the capital and his warplanes bombed an ammunition depot in the east. The U.S. moved naval and air forces closer to Libya and said all options were open, including patrols of the North African nation's skies to protect its citizens from their ruler.

Am I the only one that noticed that before Obama decided to get off his ass and offer some support to these folks, they were merely protesters? But now that Wingnut gave them his blessing, they're suddenly rebels or opposing forces.
But I can see why he took so long to back them - didn't Gadhafi call him "my son"? He wanted to make sure that an overthrow stood a good chance of being successful before throwing his buddy under the bus.

Man piss outside?

Why nobody asks me to go camping twice

Another "Aw Fuck" moment in time

Dinner time!


And all good things must come to an end

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obama the traitor

The person in this video is a professor (Ph.D.) at Yavapai College(pronounced yeah-va-pie)in Prescott, Arizona. He puts a different spin on what Obama is doing to help Arizona and he repeats the important parts and speaks slow enough to allow you to follow what he's saying; must be why
he's rated highly by his students - 3.8 on a 4.0 scale.
This may be the best video produced on the illegal alien problems that are being experienced.

Thanks to Tom for passing it along

Guess I''ll be getting audited this year

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that it will give a free pencil sharpener to all taxpayers who pay their taxes on time.

It can be placed on your desk as a constant reminder of the service they provide to you each year.

Thanks, Rob.

Muslim porn

Yeah, it's missing something.......


I spy with my little eye.....

Oh shit oh dear

Man, I went out today to get gas and about locked up with a stroke.
The price of gas has gone up 30 cents a gallon since I filled up last Monday.
Holy crap......

Again...sigh... whatever... (rolling of eyes)

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea threatened Sunday to attack South Korea and the United States, as the allies prepared to start annual joint military drills — maneuvers Pyongyang says are a rehearsal for an invasion.

The North has routinely issued such war rhetoric against South Korea and the U.S. The latest warning, however, came nearly three weeks after the rival Koreas failed to reach a breakthrough in their first dialogue in months.

Does this offend you? Good.... Me too.

A mullah kissing a young boy.
Notice that nobody else in the picture is outraged? Had this happened in the US at this time there would be an arrest and serious screaming.
In 20 years? That's your fucking future, America.
Do what ya gotta do or welcome it in. It's your choice.