Saturday, February 18, 2012

Northern California/Oregon PatCom

Bill up in Siskiyou County (that's way the fuck up north on the Oregon border) contacted me last week with the news that he's going to host a PatCom there on the weekend of April 21. All Patriots are welcome to attend.
It's going to be on several acres so camping won't be a problem.
Contact information for Bill is so if you'd like to attend and need details concerning the location, hotels or motels in the area or if you'd like to help out in one way or another, drop him a line.
I will also be posting a survey in my sidebar to use as an RSVP to give him an idea of what kind of a turnout to expect. If you plan on attending, please let him know through the survey.

I'd just like to thank him now for stepping up and hosting this. We sorely need one out here - Patriots are in short supply here in La-La Land and we need to connect with each other.

And I'd sure appreciate all conservative bloggers posting a notice and a link here to help get the word out.