Monday, March 12, 2012

More sniveling and whing from the SPLC

"Patriot Groups" Numbers Increase
The Southern Poverty Law Center is once again out with its annual screeching of the number of patriot groups in the US. This is one of the few organizations that can turn genuine patriotism into something nefarious.
As usual, the number of patriotic groups are up, sending shivers of fear directly into the fundraising conduits of the SPLC and pumping their wild-eyed donors that see hate and government insurrection around every corner. Funny how the numbers never seem to drop. Of course, the fundraising pipeline would dry up if that ever occurred.
These social justice extremists point to race as one motivating factor to the increase in the number of patriotic groups. Even though those groups fighting to restore limited, Constitutional government have no interest in anything race motivated, it does not stop the SPLC from playing the race card and ginning up their never-ending, but oh-so-tiring hate mantra.
You know you have won the argument when the opposition needs to turn to "hate" or race-based tactics to justify their position for heavy handed government involvement in well, pretty much anything.
The New American continuously exposes the SPLC and its agenda. Be sure to check out its coverage. Plus, keep an eye out for our new DVD that does the same.
Source - The New American


Robert Fowler said...

Silly preposterous lie center. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Morris Dees and the other self-loathing whiteguilters there oughta look into a boys club operation called Ja'amat al-Fuqhra

Black ? and Muzz ? You have double-dispensation from any concern or surveillance.

Mooselimb militia, openly devoted to violence inside CONUS enjoy the ultimate trump card with Obongo and King Creole Holder.

Prepare Accordingly


Uriah said...

They still around?