Monday, March 19, 2012


If there was any doubt whatsoever left in my mind that whites are a minority in California, that shit was put to rest today.
Man, me and Miss Lisa went to the County Clerk/Recorders' Office to get our marriage license and looking around the waiting area I thought we went in the wrong door and ended up in an immigration assistance office instead.
I'm not talking Americans of hispanic descent, I'm talking about Mexico mexicans, the "I demand an interpeter so I can take further advantage of you stupid fucking gringos" mexicans. I'm talking about still having border dust on their clothes from their trip to del Norte Mexicans.
16 people in the waiting room. Three whites, 2 asians and 11 mexicans and all their kids. I leaned over and told Lisa that maybe we should be the ones asking for a fucking interpeter instead.
I felt like I should start looking for a peach basket and head to the nearest orchard when we left.


Johan Galt said...

Julio & Juanita need a marriage license to stay in the country after the anchor baby is born.

Tattoo Jim said...

Marriage license?????????? Golly gee Bob howdy!!! When the fuck did all this come about????? Hot damn!!! Congrats to both of you!!!!

Fuck Obama!!!!!

Rich T said...

Now that's a bad ass idea. I will ask for a terp next time I'm in a .gov office.

See what kind of response i get.

Anonymous said...

Liberty Valance

timbo said...

I've been crisscrossing the country for work. Go into ANY walmart, anywhere, in the evening. Mexican clerks and mexican parents with 4 kids each, are the only customers. I'm always the only white guy. Absolutely shocking. It's over folks. We were sold out by big gov and big biz.

angrymike said...

Well northeastern Ohio is still American, wallmarts only got nigs around here, oh and your favorite ppl, rednecks. Their still afraid to come around after dark here, to many ' rumors'. hehe!

Anonymous said...

Should have worn your "ICE" hat while you were in there.