Sunday, March 04, 2012

Why you should NEVER talk to a cop without a lawyer present

A law professor AND a policeman explain why you should never never never talk to a policeman about ANYTHING unless you have a lawyer present.
It's almost an hour long. The visual portion itself is nothing but the audio information in it is extremely valuable. If you don't want to sit and listen to it, turn up your computer and do something around the house while you're listening to it.
It may save you a few years.

I want to thank Chris for passing this along to me. I had posted this a year or two back and was going to re-post it today to partner with yesterdays' post about police searches. Chris just saved me a couple hours of work looking for it.


Rich T said...

Great video. People should take 5th amendment more seriously.

Luckily I have never had to go through that. But when I do get pulled over. Name and sign. That's all I do.

Glenn B said...

Funny, I was thinking you should never talk to a lawyer without a cop present. I guess I have known enough lawyers to know that talking to them can get you in as much or more trouble than talking to a cop.

Invoking your rights though, if an officer is seeking to question you, is almost always a good thing, but not always the best thing to do. Take it from someone who was in law enforcement for over 32 years, I have seen guys screw up their only chance at getting a reduced sentence because they asked for a lawyer. The lawyer told them not to cooperate even though there was virtually no doubt of their involvement in the crime. They often beg for the chance to cooperate later, sometimes their lawyers beg too but by then it is often to late. So, yep it is usually a good idea, just not always a good idea.

All the best,

Rob Mariles said...

Well done...well done indeed! This should be viewed in all high schools!

timbo said...

I first watched this about 2 years ago. I have gone back and rewatched it a few times since, so as to drill it into my head. That and it's quite entertaining.

EVERYONE needs to watch it!