Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stocking up to take up the slack

Whenever Resistance is discussed, somebody always manages to bring up the subject that there are 22 million licensed hunters in the US, good luck with taking our guns.
Yeah, right. There's 22 million hunters, most of them once a year hunters and fired their rifles once at a range to zero and can't hit shit anyways, and nearly all of them possessing less than 2 boxes of ammo per gun.
That's fucked up. We're gonna lose 21 million hunters right out the gate when they shoot their 27 rounds of ammo they had on hand and suddenly they have $800 clubs in their hands, and that's if they have the balls to resist in the first place.
Right now you can buy 5.56 & 7.62 dirt cheap - check my 'Shit that might come in handy' column - especially in bulk. Don't worry about excessive postage, it's fixed rate and pretty damned reasonable. There's also handgun ammo, both bulk and small amounts, at other sites that are worth taking advantage of. You can buy a box of ammo a week and build up your stash that way, if you think you have the time, but it doesn't hurt to lay in a few hundred rounds from time to time.
When the time comes, are you gonna be one of the guys that blindly fired his box and a half of bullets and hit nothing or are you going to be the one stocked up with food and ammo having the time of his life?
Your choice, man.