Sunday, October 28, 2012

Only 4 more shopping days left, People!!!

We're fast approaching an anniversary date here, folks - The Day I Became Infamous by gassing an OWS protester. You can read about it HERE if you're not familiar with the story.
My point being is that you only have 4 more shopping days to buy your own pepper spray so you too can join in on the anniversary festivities. Now I know that OWS was a fart in a hurricane, never to be seen again but there are no shortage of hippies, leftists and congressmen/women/trannies out there to substitute. After all, we don't shoot British fuckers to celebrate the 4th of July anymore, do we?
Just go to skid row - every large town has one and they're packed with people that depend upon and demand their entitlements that you and I pay for. If you happen to live in a small conservative town, gas a high school kid with those big plugs in his earlobes. Every high school has at least one kid like that. If all else fails, hunt down and gas the local Crazy Cat Lady - guarenteed she's a liberal.


boilerdoc said...

I am eagerly awaiting D-Day here in shitcago

CharlieDelta said...

LMAO!! Love it!