Monday, October 22, 2012


We're having our first rain of the year today, maybe a tenth of an inch here, and the fucking newscasters are in their glory with the storm (Storm? Really?) watch broadcasts. Things started to settle down a bit and the weatherfolks were loosening their ties and bras when holy shit, somebody called in a report of a funnel cloud, with a dust devil tornado, probably a F minus 4, actually touched down and may or may not have lifted the roof off of a dairy barn. Motherfucking news station damned near exploded from all the excitement, man.
For 50 minutes now, I've been hearing advice on surviving a tornado from people that knew people that have actually "ridden one out". Ridden one out is the new buzzword of the day.
Oh, now they're showing footage of the corrugated tin roof that was damaged during the 'tornadic activity', it's a patch of sheet metal about 4 feet square, and I'm being advised to stay inside and put off running errands and not to seek shelter under a highway overpass. That could handy to know, I guess.
Whoa, they just showed a couple of tiles that were blown off a house, or maybe thrown by a couple of kids. Wait a minute, now they're showing some trees that were either freshly pruned or damaged during the twister. I'm more inclined to believe freshly pruned seeing as it is that time of the year and all the branches are laying in neat piles around the tree trunks.
Fuck, I'm getting all freaked out. Maybe I should go hang out in the bathroom til Spring, huh?