Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's true, I'm an outlaw.

When my divorce to The Evil One was finalized a couple of years ago I went down and submitted the forms to have my withholding stauts changed but failed to recognize that while my federal withholding changed, my state didn't. The first year I filed it just meant I got a little less back on my refund, but last year for some reason I ended up owing something like $500, which I didn't happen to have at the moment. So I sent them back their return telling them they'll get their money when I get it, like that was ever gonna happen. Hell, I remarried this year so I figured if nothing else, the motherfuckers can take what I owed them from last year out of what they're gonna owe me this year. Simple solution, right?
Wrong. I got a letter in the mail this morning from my employer saying that my wages have been garnished by the State Franchise Board. I guess the various groups like Save the Delta Smelt, LA RAZA, Gay Veterans Against War, Code Pink and other bloodsuckers are feeling a bit of a pinch and need my money.
Money's tight as always and right before Christmas, too. Motherfuckers.

I do get some satisfaction though - it's going to cost those dumb motherfuckers more than what I owe to recover the money with as efficient as the government is. Plus you gotta figure that I cost the state at least that much every year with the mischief I cause throughout my daily travels and adventures so I figure I'm still coming out ahead.

But on the bright side, I can now add tax evader to my long list of other accomplishments. Pops would be so proud.....


  1. Good job, I still got a city after me for a few hundred from 08 and 09. I got on a payment plan but ended up on strike. I missed one payment so they said the wanted it all at once. Fuck em, it'll probably cost them more to get it than the $ 235.00 is worth.........

  2. Y'know..had you just given that $3.00 to help re-elect obama you probably wouldn't have these problems. Sarc/off

    OK, I'm waiting for the big fuck you.

  3. And, you now qualify for a cabinet post in the obummer administration


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