Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fuck the NRA (again)


My reply (which will not be read because it's not accompanied by a pledge for cash):

I am not a member of your money-grabbing pussy organization any longer and haven't been since I realized that you're in this for your own jobs and not my 2A Rights.
I do not pay any motherfucker to fight my battles for me.
Go kiss your buddy Harry Reid's ass.
Remove me from your snail mail and email list. 
- Kenny Lane

Actually they can keep my name on their beggin' list - I just blocked their address. I've got other things to worry about.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

There is a round sticky spot on my truck's back window where the NRA sticker USED to be. Peeled that fucker off, along with the Oath Breakers sticker, on the same day a couple years ago...

Brian said...

Look, I understand your guys sentiments but here's the real deal...

Without the NRA you'd be fucked long ago. It costs money and lobbyists and lawsuits to stop the leftists from seizing your gun rights.

That bitch Feinstein did serious damage in Ca. already. Do not think for one second that without the NRA...and probably about the time Bernie Goetz smoked a few punks...that you'd have any gun rights at all.

You wouldn't. Like them or not...without the NRA you'd be blowing spitwads at coyotes Kenny and that ain't no shit.

Fuck Obama

wirecutter said...

And I'm thinking that if the NRA didn't exist a Nation of gun owners would've rebelled against an oppresive government long, long ago and put them in their place.
They've only prolonged the inevitable.

Don F said...

Agree 100% wirecutter!

sig94 said...

It's not a lack of guns that endangers us as a nation, it's a lack of balls. No way we should be putting up with this shit.