Sunday, December 23, 2012

I guess it's true. I must be a racist.

This was a comment from this post HERE about how I feel about white supremist groups linking to III Patriots:

bobabouy said...
What a bunch of bullshit. The ones who always have to say "im not a racist" usually are. They feel the need to say "there's plenty of white people I wouldn't want to be around too" Yeh well you all hold hands & sing chumm byahh. I Live in North Idaho because I want/prefer to be around my own kind of people. White people. I don't give a rats ass if that labels me a racist. Its a free country & I have a right to live where I want and around who I want. At least I have the balls to say it.
December 23, 2012 8:36 AM

Unfuckingreal - I have a white supremist calling me a racist. I didn't realize that those folks allowed liberals in their little clubs. I mean, liberals have been calling me a racist since the Obamessiah took office so I'm assuming he must be a liberal too. He sure knows all the little buzzwords.
Sorry, motherfucker - I stand by my words. You want to spout your white supremist bullshit, leave me and my friends out of it. We're taking a stand against oppresive government, not the color of somebody's skin. Have somebody teach you how to read above a 6th grade level (I'm assuming you can't by your punctuation mistakes) and then study what we're about, yeah?
And I could really give a fuck less where and why you choose to live where you do. Seriously.