Saturday, December 29, 2012

Please leave. PLEASE.

Found this article by that despicable piece of shit Piers Morgan and laughed my way through it, amazed that a supposedly educated man can ramble on about something he knows absolutely nothing about - guns and our Constitution.
Oh, at one point about halfway through he claims he knows about guns because of his relative's credentials but he starts off the article saying he's only fired guns once in his life - 'Magnum 45s' and such. That's like me saying because I changed my own oil once and my brother's a mechanic I know all about auto mechanics.
Anyways, I'm giving you the first paragraph and the last two. I strongly suggest you have a couple of good stiff drinks or smoke a joint and be prepared to laugh your ass off at this idiot's bullshit.
The rest you can read for yourself HERE


I have fired guns only once in my life, on a stag party to the Czech capital Prague a few years ago when part of the itinerary included a trip to an indoor shooting range. For three hours, our group were let loose on everything from Magnum 45 handguns and Glock pistols, to high-powered ‘sniper’ rifles and pump-action shotguns.

Blah blah blah.......
In conclusion, I can spare those Americans who want me deported a lot of effort by saying this: If you don’t change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage, then you don’t have to worry about deporting me.
Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time – seriously consider deporting myself.