Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prep for the cold weather


edutcher said...

Thank you, sir.

Good survival stuff most of us don't know.

Mark12A said...

If you find me hypothermic, just show me a picture of the blonde's ass, from the post below. That'll heat things up nicely.

Or better yet...a little skin-to-skin contact with her.

Glenn B said...

While it may itch like hell, you may be much better of wearing wool next to your skin if there is any chance you could get caught in a building on fire. Being that lots of folks heat with wood stoves and fireplaces in the winter, such is a distinct possibility. If you are caught in a fire wearing polypropylne - well ask any fireman what he thinks about wearing any synthetic undies when responding to a fire.

All th best,

Longtime Medic said...

Armpits are excellent as well. If extra heat bags avail (in this order),
Corotid Arteries/Jug Veins in the neck.
Back of the neck warms Cerebral Spinal Fluids.
Clavicles (Collar Bones) warms Sub Clavicular Arteries and Veins as well as Superior Lobes of the lungs.

Good PSA

Edward Teach said...

Periodically touch your thumb to your baby finger and squeeze. If you can't do it, stop and build a fire immediately.

Sarthurk said...

PNW born and reared. No worries here.

What was the question?

Oh yeah but, why was there a question?

I guess "they" don't have a clue.

Just natural for me.


angrymike said...

I was expecting you to have a bottle of suntan lotion, since you live in Kalifornia. You surprised me a bit..........

Sarthurk said...

Boy Scout "101" in 1968 pretty much had that covered. The BS Manual in the early 1900's was the same.

Why the hell dd our society lose this?