Tuesday, December 04, 2012


"You keep talking about doing your recons, WC. What are we supposed to recon?"

Recons. You recon anything that might be of value to you when the shit comes down. Sometimes it takes a little work, sometimes you can do it as you're doing your errands.

The easy shit first: Where's your police station located? Your local FBI/DHS/ATF offices? Where's the parking lot where the they park their personal vehicles. How's it secured? How about their radio antennae? Is their mast easily accessible so you can cut their comms if needed? How about cell phone towers, because when their radios don't work they're going to be using their cell phones.
Stuff that is such a common part of our lives that we don't pay attention to it anymore may come in handy someday.


Some of the things that involve a little work include: Establishing and preparing ambush sites at strategic locations, figuring out how to cut their comms, finding escape routes, establishing message drops, finding out how many police officers are on the street during the various shifts, finding out when the shift changes are (that's important as hell) and last but not least, finding out just where exactly the ATF/DHS/FBI agents live. It's not that hard to follow somebody home. If you have a name, let your computer do the work.

WHAT???!!!??? Find out where they live? Why?

So when it comes time to go active, you know where to take the fucking fight.

But.... but.... but.....

No buts about it. They made the fucking rules, you just play by them. They want to kick in your door at 3 AM and terrorize your family and shoot your dog, turn it right back around on them.

But we don't do that sort of thing.

Fine, then don't. But I doubledamn guarantee you that if their houses start getting raided, you're going to have a shitload of ex-agents. So yeah, you just go ahead and wait for them to come to you. You'll feel so much better when you're locked up or dead and your kids are traumatized for life and Fido the Cocker Spaniel is laying there dead on the floor because he barked at an intruder.
Hey, I'm not advocating starting any violence, I'm just advising you to be ready whenever they start the violence. If the government wants to declare war on the American People, give it back to them in spades.

Do your fucking recons and most importantly, update them constantly. It's not that hard.