Tuesday, April 30, 2013

And we all know what happened to the Jews, right?

I swear by all that's Holy, this is an actual letter to the editor in the local smut sheet this morning. I damned near choked on my ham sandwich when I read it.
And no, this was not a parody letter, I've seen similar drivel from the leftist author before.
Pay particular attention to the first sentence in the 3rd paragraph.
And this man votes.....


As a part-time writer and author I've always thought it important to check my facts before publication. From reading letters to The Bee, it appears that some writers do not share this concern. A recent contribution, written by a gun owner opposed to gun control, repeats the claim that Adolf Hitler bragged that with full gun registration in Germany "the world would follow." 

Unfortunately, the statement, usually cited as being made in 1935, is total fantasy — there was no German gun registration law passed in 1935. The gun control laws that existed in Germany were put in place at the end of World War I, prior to the Nazi takeover (these laws were passed to keep guns out of the hands of Communists and, ironically, Nazis).

Under Hitler, previous gun restrictions were lifted for everyone except Jews. As has been said, "you are entitled to your own opinions but you are not entitled to your own 'facts.' " Given the emotional nature of the gun debate, facts should be cited in support of a particular position, not made-up and fictional nonsense.

Michael A. Nelson


hiswiserangel said...

Oh, don't feel so alone. Amarillo has plenty of comparable douchy twatwaffles.

rgranger said...

Well, that makes it OK then! It's not like he was going to do anything to the Jews after all....

Anonymous said...

That idiot is not me!! I have 2/3 of this country equally liberal with half of those so far left they need a convention to have two functioning brain cells.

Michael in Nelson

Wraith said...

There needs to be a word that encapsulates the definition of "oblivious to the blindingly obvious."

Oh, wait, there is: "Progressive."

Gabe said...

Come on. He just took the guns away from the Jews for their own protection.
Well, then he did it for the gypsies. Because, you know, it was for their own protection.
And the Communists.
And the homosexuals.
And the people who just "thought" he was a bad guy. I mean, he WAS democratically elected, right? He had a mandate. So these people just needed to shut up and take it.

Huh... where have I heard that last one? I know I heard it somewhere recently.