Monday, September 24, 2012

New toys/tools

I got a nice package in the mail last week from the links that I put up a couple of weeks ago (I'll repost them at the bottom) and in it was 2 things that I refuse to go up in the mountains without. One is a nice knife and the other is a small hatchet.
Let's look at them one at a time.

The NW Ranger by SOG
This knife is just downright sexy. I bought one a couple of years ago for about 90 bucks and I swear, I couldn't keep my hands off of it. Well balanced, solid and razor sharp.
Now, my little brother is graduating from AIT in about a month and I wanted to give him a nice gift and had the NW Ranger in mind, but I'll be damned if he was getting mine so I ordered him a new one.

Here's the description of the knife from the site:
The SOG NW Ranger S240 is the ultimate hunting knife. It has a 5.2 inch AUS 8 stainless steel clip point blade with ground bevels and a textured kraton handle. The handle of the NW Ranger has a hole drilled where you can use a lanyard. A sheath is included with the SOG NW Ranger for easy carrying.

What I really love about the knife is the kraton handle. When you're skinning something out, the handle tends to get slippery with blood and this handle allows you to keep your grip.
And the sheath? Leather. I love a leather sheath. I know they're not as durable as cordura, but damn, there's this thing called traditional...... Oil it, take care of it and it'll last you for years.
The bonus about this knife? It's only 50 bucks here, about half of what I originally paid for mine.

I also got a SOG Fasthawk.

 A small 'hawk is invaluable in the mountains. Use it for cutting small brush or kindling, making a shelter, processing your meat, the uses are endless. If you get too bored hanging around camp, you can always use the spike to try to pin those pesky chipmunks up against a tree......

Again, the description from the website:
If the Tactical Tomahawk is larger than you want then try the 19 ounce SOG FastHawk F06T-N. This tomahawk ax is just over 12 inches long and is great for a number of tasks including throwing, pounding, shaving, prying, digging, notching, opening, chopping, and breaking. The FastHawk was built to last because it has a 420 stainless head that is mounted to ballistic polymer, and then secured with heavy bolts and wrapped with a steel ferrule. A nylon sheath is included that can be mounted to your belt or attached to your backpack or gear.

The size is what appeals to me. The older I get, the less weight I want to carry. At one foot long and a little over a pound, it'll fit in a Git Kit or backpack almost unnoticed.
It comes with a sheath that'll strap onto your belt or pack, securing the hawk with 3 snaps. The first thing I did was to check out how easily it'll fall out and be lost if one of the snaps comes undone and found that you have to unsnap all 3 fasteners to easily remove it.
The cost? Another bargain at 20 bucks.

Check out the bargains here too:


hiswiserangel said...

Oooo, Christmas comes early this year. As a knife novice, never even had so much as a pocketknife, I want the 'hawk. I think I might possibly maneuver it without losing a limb.

drjim said...

Thanks for the link on the 'hawk!
I've been meaning to buy one for the Jeep, but never got around to it.
Now, I got one for HALF PRICE!

Kerodin said...

And it is awfully darned hard to handle a man at close range with a tomahawk in each hand if he has an attitude problem.


Brock Townsend said...

Damn, those are cheap. The SOG's aren't knock offs, correct?

wirecutter said...

The real deal, Brock.

wirecutter said...

Yeah Sam, I wasn't going to mention that with a little honing you could probably drive that spike right through a kevlar vest.
I decided to go the PC route and talking about nailing chipmunks to a stump.

Edward Teach said...

I'm partial to the Field Pup and Seal Pup myself. I also have a couple of Cold Steel hawks (Spike and Rifleman's), but I've been eyeing that SOG too.

drjim said...

My FastHawk got here the other day.

My Korean buddy who owns the place I get my packages delivered to was very interested in it. In his younger days he was a serious martial arts fighter. He liked the way it was made, but said it wasn't balanced properly for throwing. Still, he flipped it at the back wall about 20 feet away, and had it stick in about 2" on the spike end.
He said if it was balanced better he could have thrown it a lot harder.

Geez....I'd hate to see him with his katana if was really pissed off at somebody! He'd turn you into itty bitty pieces before you had time to react.