Monday, September 24, 2012

If he can do it, so can we.

Bloodhounds that tracked an escaped double murderer were able to follow his scent for only a short distance, making authorities fear today that the convict could have been picked up by an accomplice and could be "hundreds of miles away."
James Ladd, 51, slipped away from the Tillery Correctional Cente, a minimum security prison farm, on Sunday morning while doing farm work. Authorities found his abandoned tractor at 10 a.m., said Keith Acree, North Carolina prison spokesperson.
A helicopter flew over rural Tillery, N.C., Sunday night searching for the convicted murderer, who was given three consecutive life sentences in 1981. Bloodhounds also assisted in the ground search, however Acree said they were only able to follow Ladd's scene for a short distance.
"At this point it's been 24 hours, so if he got a ride he could be hundreds of miles away at this point," Acree said.


See? The fucking government is not all-seeing.
Here we have a motherfucker that's been under lock  and key for 31 years and he's on the run, eluding dogs and helicopters. So much for drones, cameras and such being in control of us, huh?


drjim said...

It's more that they're looking at US, and NOT the bad guys!

Son of Liberty said...

Everything man can do, man can counter. It has been true since humans waged wars.

Dobro player said...

If you want to throw off a tracking dog, the best way is to get in a vehicle and drive off, which is obviously what this guy did. It should be noted that if you are trying to lose a dog, running through water does NOT work, they can still track your scent somehow . Anyway, why was a double murderer in a minimum security prison in the first place?

Mark12A said...

He needs to get out to vote for Obama. Probably a few times.