Sunday, January 06, 2013

SOG Pentagon S14-N review

My oh my, I got another package in the mail yesterday from Two Point Enterprises with a new knife to review for my blog and inside was a SOG Pentagon dagger with the nylon sheath.

Make no mistake about it, this knife ain't for playing mumblypeg or whittling toothpicks or skinning coyotes - this motherfucker is a fighting knife, plain and simple.
Overall length is about 9 3/4" with a blade length of 5". It weighs in at about 5.5 ounces and has a non-slip kraton handle with a lanyard hole and this one came with a nylon sheath.

When I first saw the blade on the website I was concerned that the absence of a hilt was going be a problem due to my hand sliding up whenever I poke somebody with it but after seeing it up close I saw that the first inch closest to the handle is widened out and grooved to rest your thumb.

Not that it makes any difference, this knife ain't for stabbing, it's more for slashing. One side has a regular edge (razor sharp, of course) and the other side is serrated all the way up to about an inch from the tip, giving you about 3 1/4 inches of serrations. The last inch of the serrated side also razor sharp.
The blade is AUS 6 steel, rockwelling out at 57-58 - hard enough to hold it's edge, but not brittle.

The sheath comes in either kydex with a clip on one side to use as a boot knife and also has slots to strap onto your webgear, and a nylon sheath which is the one I was sent.
The nylon sheath is cooler than shit. With the way the strapping is set up on the backside, it allows for a variety of carrying choices - you can wear it high on your belt, you can wear it low, you can wear it sideways in the middle of your back and you can attach MOLLE clips to it to attach to your web gear. It also has a strap that allows you to wear it on your military pistol belt.

The nylon sheath also has a plastic insert to keep you from fucking up the edge when inserting it back in and it's tight enough that you have to physically pull it out to remove it from the sheath - it will not fall out if you're wearing it upside down and the retaining strap comes loose somehow. Speaking of the retaining strap, it secures the knife in with both velcro and a snap.
On the front of the sheath is a pocket that is handier than a motherfucker - you can fit a sharpening stone in it if you want, but it's also large enough that you can carry (are you ready for this?) either a multi-tool, a folding knife as large as a Buck 110 and even a single stack magazine. No shit. I've got a multi-tool in mine.

With two different styles of Gerber multi-tools

With a Colt 45 6 round magazine but it'll fit a standard 45 magazine easily

So yeah, I'm pretty goddamned happy with this knife and it's going on my load bearing harness.
Again, the big draw for me with Two Point Enterprises is the fact that it's a small family owned business with outstanding customer service. I ordered the knife on Sunday and had it in my hands on Friday.
Another thing I like about Dennis and his family is that they're Patriots so they'll get my business before any corporation does.

If you'd like to order one of these badass motherfuckers, go HERE TO TWO POINT ENTERPRISES and pick it up for $51. You can also order by phone by calling 1-800-458-1606. Either way you do it, do me a favor and let them know that Wirecutter sent you.
By the way, retail price in a store is $100 and change.

Again, I'd like to add that when Dennis asked me to review the knives he sends every so often I told him that I wasn't going to bullshit around. If I found something I didn't like about the product, I wasn't going to lie about it. I also pick the knife that I want and he sends it to me with the factory seal on it so it's not cherry picked just for me.
I'm not paid for these reviews but I do get to keep the knife, so there's not really any incentive for me to gloss anything over.

Oh, the pistol in the photos? It's a Colt Officer's Model in 45 ACP - my around town pistol. I've owned it for about 26 years now.


drjim said...

Pretty nice!

I just ordered one for my BOB.

Bob said...

Good review. The Pentagon has been around since the mid-1980's and is a proven design.

hiswiserangel said...

Since I've managed to slice and dice and make tons and tons of julienne fries... (sorry, old commercial) with my Kershaw kitchen knives, I think I can be trusted with one of these, doncha think?

mdknighthawk said...

Just ordered a tactical tomahawk from them, gave you a plug

WiscoDave said...

Nice knife!
Prefer the Combat Commander though, Officer's grip felt too short for my hand. Mine's going on 30 years...

RegT said...

Personally, I don't mind serrations on a work knife (had one on my boat for cutting lines quickly if I needed to), but I think anything used for self defense should be slick. If you _do_ have to stab with it, the serrations can hang up on bone (like between two ribs) and make it hard to pull the knife back out - just when you need to poke a couple more holes in his lungs, cut some tendons, or make a few more holes elsewhere in the SOB.

The serrations on this knife are pretty subdued, but just on general principles, I'd avoid them. YMMV.

Dave D. said...

Thanks for the great review.
Just ordered 3!

drjim said...

I got mine today. It's really nice, and it's going right into the BOB!