Thursday, December 24, 2020

Bah humbug




  2. Mr.Cat: "Now will you feed me? You are a minute and a half late!!"

  3. And this is why we no longer put up a Christmas tree!

  4. When I had cats, I'd tie the top of the tree to a hook in the ceiling.

  5. First of all, round up the cat by the nape of it's neck, take it to the tree and rub it's nose in it. Then walk to the back door and throw that piece of shit as hard as you can against a fence or garbage can, or wall and DO NOT let it back into the house. Put food and water bowls outside. And be strong. Do not let it enter for at least a month. I don't live with any animals except some female humans from time to time. If the weather is going to be cold, the dogs come in to the wash room, period. Animals and all their pestilence do not sleep with me, do not lay on me. They get petted and loved on OUTSIDE. Where they belong. Cats are for hunting and alerting me about bad stuff, like snakes. The cats will surround a snake and start howling for Dad. By the time I get outside with my shotgun the cats are surrounding a rattlesnake who is distressed. When the cats see dad with gun, their circle will widen or move. I shoot snake, cats come over to do autopsy, or maybe a cat scan, and everything goes back to normal.

    If a snake came into the yard and the fucking cat is in the house, cat won't even know snake is out there. Most dogs are useless around snakes, most will get bit and die or cost you thousands of bucks to heal them.
    When I lived in the country, nearest neighbor a mile away, I had 30 cats or so at any given time. They lived outside. The preggo mamas could have their litters in the wash room. I have seen three cat mamas put all three litters into one nest and then all three mamas would take turns feeding 15 babies at a time.
    Cats are a fantastic animal. but they are wasted inside a house. They need to be allowed to hunt. That is what they are best at.


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