Monday, January 25, 2021

Every Way to Cook Bacon (50 Methods)

 Yes, bacon is good. There's no arguing with that. But if you think that the only way to cook bacon is to just throw it in a frying pan and get sizzlin', well then does Amiel Stanek have a thing or two to show you. For instance, did you know that cooking bacon on a car engine is a thing you can do? Watch as Amiel cook bacon in (almost) every conceivable way.

VIDEO HERE  (30 minutes)



  1. Ted Cruz has another way to make bacon:

    1. That is a great video. God bless Ted.

  2. Thick cut bacon on a cookie sheet covered with aluminum foil at 350 in an oven for 30 minutes. Adjust accordingly for your oven.

  3. Cooking food on a car engine during road trips used to be a thing.

  4. I use two large wire racks on baking sheets in a 375F oven to cook entire packages of thick-cut bacon at one time. Brown sugar and cracked black pepper added as a bonus, on occasion. Cooking on the racks makes it cook evenly, keeps the bacon flat and makes putting sandwiches together easier.

    PS: Covering the entire baking sheet (with a little hanging over the sides and ends) with parchment paper makes for easy clean-up and very easy pouring of the grease into a container for later use.


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