Tuesday, March 02, 2021

California Bill Attacks Gender And Retailers

Apparently, nothing is safe anymore now that Biden has shown the lengths he will go to pander to the LGBTQ. A Democrat is pushing legislation in California that is going to confuse the public when it comes to finding toys/clothes for kids. The Bill is forcing stores to stop dividing out toys by gender because someone might get offended. Yeah, like the parents that are going to have to search through aisles of toys that are no longer divided by biological genders... 


  1. Screw shelves. Screw everything that makes understanding where to look for things. Laying out a store based on a system that has been used since forever is wrong and you know it.

    No More things according to size or age groups. Dump shit in the floor and let everyone hunt.

    Fukkin lefties.

  2. sounds like 3rd world crap.

    I've noticed everything takes longer. finding anyone competent to get anything done is a rare occurrence anymore.

  3. Some people (not me) are liable to start terrorizing gay bars again. Fuck all these special people. We gotta live with them? , they gotta live with us.

  4. It helps to keep in mind that NO ONE in California state government, including the elected legislators, the staffers who write the laws or the unelected bureaucrats who write the regulations that businesses must follow, have ever run a business or signed the front of a paycheck. Ever.
    With the possible exception trust fund baby and Gordon Getty supported 'small businessman' Gavin Newsom.

  5. Did you know that statistically only 0.6% of people (is it still ok to say "people"?) are or identify as LGBT so...why the obsession over an extreme minority?


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