Thursday, August 05, 2021

As violent crimes surge, Californians' faith in gun control slips

Amid a surge in shootings this year, a majority of California voters say that they believe gun control laws are effective in reducing violent crime, but confidence in them has slipped, according to a new UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll co-sponsored by the Los Angeles Times. 

The poll released Thursday found that 56% of the state’s voters surveyed believe stronger laws restricting the sale and possession of guns help make their communities safer, but the number is down from 60% who felt that way three years ago.


While the article says 'a majority of California's voters', I'm sure it would've been more accurate if they said 'Southern California voters' seeing as the poll was co-sponsored by the LA Times. And while it does show some improvement, it's still fucked up that over half the population there still supports strict gun control, especially after the riots last year and the increase of violent crime.


  1. This is clearly misinformation, gun control is working.
    What California voters wanted and voted for is more crime, and that is what they got.
    And saying "Ich habe es nicht gewust", no longer works.

  2. It used to be "Hey Jake, it's Chinatown." Now it's the whole Fn city and region.
    Having moved away in 1973, and sold the last of the families' property in 2003, the only thing that gives me warm fuzzies about SoCal is the knowledge that without continuous resupply, the LA Basin has about 16 hours reserve of water, andbabout 24 hours reserve of food.
    And that if the SHTF, as in earthquake, only those who leave in the first two or three hours will actually get out, as they will refuel their cars at the 100 to 300 mile point, and most gas stations have less than 30,000 gallons of fuel. Divided by 20 gallong per car, is 1500 cars per station to dry. How many millions of cars are there in LA? Also water and shelter. Presuming any city or town East of LA could absorb a 50% increase in population on a temporary, emetgency basis, to absorb the population of LA on this basis would take almost all cities West of the Missouri River.
    Sleep well.
    John in Indy

  3. I don't know. The indoor range I frequent has had to reorganize to have one line for the range, and another line at a different door for firearm purchase pickups. Their CCW training schedule is also packed. Sportsmans Warehouse has separate lines for pickups and ammo. Just what I see in my limited travels.
    As I get to know my neighbors better, I'm finding lots of closet gun owners that one would never suspect as such.

  4. Califruitopia needs more gun control 'cause criminals ALWAYS follow the law. It's what they do. Idiots.


  5. Need more helicopter gunships...

  6. Since I live here in SoCal I can honestly say the wife & I go out less frequently than before Covid & all the riots. Gotta watch your 6 at all times and gotta watch that social distance thing...not so much to avoid Covid, which I feel is way overblown, but for homeless with guns, knives, or spit.
    I think the 2 kids killed at the Regal over in Corona will have an effect...why pay through the butt for concessions when you can get the same picture quality at home and drink your own adult snaks, without worrying some dude with voices in his head because he didn't take his meds, walks up to you in the row behind and blows you or your lady away with his Glock?? And scary thing is, they're everywhere on the streets here.

  7. Nine out of ten rooftop Korains prefer high capacity magizines

  8. Even the locals here in Soviet Monica are getting interested in getting a gun. I've had several neighbors ask me about what to get, where to get it, etc. They assume that because I'm from the South that I must be a gun owner. I mean, they're not wrong, but geez...profile much?

  9. After the recent unpleasantness in South Africa, who would believe gun control adherents have any credence anywhere?


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