Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Is Wild Bill the Father of the Classic Western Gunfight?

If you love Westerns and the classic gunfight in the street face off, you can thank one guy: Wild Bill Hickok, the first gunfighter and the founder of the feast. 

All the gunfights featured in countless Westerns over the past 12 decades originated with one fight and one man. BBB will break it down, how this one seminal event featuring this one classic frontiersman became the foundation of the Western movie staple that continues to resonate with fans around the world. 

Not only was Wild Bill the first gunfighter, he was the first celebrity who set the style that has become known as the Western Man in fact and fiction.

VIDEO HERE  (31 minutes)


  1. I remember hearing that the 'classic gunfight' was largely a myth based on probably what this post says.

    Not that it matters. It made for a whole lot of great movies and TV!

  2. This was the archtype of the Western gunfight. I was born and raised in Springfield, and saw many times the brass/bronze markers on the town square showing where Tutt and Hickok stood.

  3. And for more near-useless bullshit, the book "The Virginian" (1906) was the first Western written as a serious look at a past time / historical novel, rather than as a lurid take on current events.
    John in Indy

  4. Cullen M. Baker and the school of six gun shootery.


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