Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Doublin' down on the gifdump today












  1. 3) A Homer Simpson line comes to mind, "Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does."
    5) Nothing quite like a kick in the nads to finish 'em off.
    7) Just keep draggin' that SOB, you fucking ignoramous.
    10) WTF is with the weird undercarriage on that boat?

    1. The three holes near the bow are side thrusters, the blocks down the hull are the supports the ship was built on.

    2. Looks like a semi-submersible work boat as used in the offshore oil biz. The bow thrusters are used as part of the gyro synchronous positioning system to geeky it rock solid in one place.

    3. It's called a "hull". It displaces more water weight than the whole ship weighs to keep the top part above the water.

  2. number 2, my state does this at the beaches once a week using a tractor hauled machine, must make a buck off it because they can afford to do it every week over the warm periods.

    1. Ah, this reminds me. Folsom Lake over here is at a historic low. It has been deemed illegal to fortune hunt with a metal detector on the lake bed because it might disturb the historic value of the past. I say how are we going to preserve it if we can't find it? More logic from the pinheads under the dome.
      And FJB and GN.

    2. What are they doing?

    3. Lived in Orangevale when they were building the Folsom bridge back in the late 90's.
      Worked off Blue Ravine Rd. & occasionally canoed downstream to work.
      LOTS of water back then.

  3. #2. Must be a well used beach.

    #3 now I have seen a pig fly

    #5. Now that dude should have had a cup on.

    #10. The under carriage is to keep it from tipping while being built. Must be a big deal watching the crowd.

  4. #9 when 6’9 cop says come here boy…

  5. Replies
    1. Its not bad if you just look at the cups, but the fuckery is obvious when you watch his shirt.

  6. Stephen Frayne "Dynamo" in that first one. One of the best. Lots of great youtubes for Dynamo.

  7. #2 is a 'micro plastic' cleaning attempt at Kahuku Beach here on Oahu. More importantly the beach is just East of the former 'Kahuku Army Air Field' which was an active air field during WW2. B52s & B24s were based here & if you go to Google Earth you can still see one runway left. Turtle Bay Resort turned the other 2 runways into 'fairways' for its golfers. By the way, the micro plastic removal is a feel good task but will not stop the tiny pieces of fishing gear that blanket the windward coast of all of the Hawaiian Islands. Most of the junk is from foreign fishing fleets...
    Kahuku Lat/Long: 21°42′15″N 157°58′02″W

  8. #5....Ya don't have to have them to feel it.

  9. #2 Makes more sense for a tracked vehicle to do this on a large scale. A much better use of tax dollars than over seas "conflicts", abortions, or underwater basket weaving.

    #10 Displacement.


  10. #2: Stuff like this is what I like to call REAL environmentalism. Cleaning up a tiny bit of the colossal mess we make in this world instead of just whining and spewing out stupid words like "climate."

    Plastic is the scourge of humanity (says me who has saved literally more than 3,000 plastic bags in preparation for the plastic bag ban)

    #4: I hope one day to be able to rescue another Husky. Never a dull moment.

    #9: Poor little guy. Probably just wanted to see if he could touch something that high up.

  11. #10. Am the only one to see the nice rear of a lady in white?
    Should I worry?


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