Friday, October 22, 2021

Priorities, man

THEODOSIA, Mo. (KY3) - An Ozark County deputy arrested a man after an unusual foot chase. 


  1. This raises several interesting legal questions. Does the fact that the pie is in the custody of the constabulary, i.e. 'safe with his belongings' (presumably while he is incarcerated) constitute a taking of his possessions? Does the charge permit a taking? Is being deprived of the enjoyment of the pie by himself warranted by the arrest or charges? What if the pie was intended, in whole or part, for the enjoyment of others? Are such others then to suffer their loss by the actions of the constabulary? Knowing that such food items have an expiry measured in hours unless refrigerated, is allowing the spoiling of such items itself evident of the constabulary passing sentence?

  2. That pie would be gone if my sister was in charge. And the pie pan licked clean.


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