Friday, December 03, 2021

And it's only going to get worse

NEW YORK - New York City correction officers have been ordered to start working 12-hour shifts due to 'excessive staff absenteeism.' This, as a December 1 vaccine mandate deadline is looming for those officers.


NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s troubled jail system is facing more turmoil: the suspension of potentially hundreds of corrections officers for failing to meet a Tuesday night deadline to get vaccinated against COVID-19.


  1. I see headlines like this, where someone is ordered to work 12 hour shifts, and laugh. They make it sound like being sent to a concentration camp or something. I spent over 35 years in a foundry, where you went to work, and you knew only your start time, your end of shift time was whenever you finished the number of heats scheduled for the day.
    Later on in my life, 12 hour shifts became the rule of the day, as running 2, 12 hour shifts was cheaper and easier for the company than to run 3 shifts, only to have to lay off, when things got slower. So I worked 12 hour shifts for months on end, including weekends. The longest we went was 7 months one time, with only one day off, for a holiday.
    The thing is, you make time and a half, and double time on Sunday, so you make one hell of a lot of money. It is the reason that I am comfortable living on my Social Security payments now, along with my wife's Social Security payments. She also worked her entire life, paying into Socia Security.
    The one thing about working doing physical labor your entire life, is that it wears your body out, and now at the age of 61, I physically can not do the things that I used to be able to do just 3-5 years ago, like climbing under the house, etc. My body just hurts too much. And I am too young in my mind to feel like this. But you do what you can, and what you cannot do, you learn that you have to either ask for help, or pay someone to do it for you.
    The thing that makes me the most angry is that politicians set the age of retirement the same for school teachers, like my older brother, that they do for people like me, who did physical labor, like repetitive lifting and pouring molten steel, melting steel, etc., that wears your body out years before your time. So while if I were a school teacher, I would still love to be working and teaching, coaching, etc., there is no way that I could work in the summer when the temperature on the floor of the melt shop hits 150, pouring steel, plus doing the lifting it involves, as well as all the rest of the job that it involves, in addition to the actual time spent actually pouring steel. But at my age, the government thinks that I can do both jobs until the age of 67, as if they both involve the same physical effort and cause the same amount of stress on your body. The one size fits all, like the government always does, never works, and actually means one size fits no one.

    1. I guess ya gotta be mad at something. Try this on for size; about a year ago I found a notice from SS dated 2007, It showed the estimation of monthly benefits. So I compared it to the same form dated 2017 - ten yrs later - and saw that the monthlies DECREASED by $207 even though $83K taxable earnings had been added. Mutha fuckas!

  2. L. O. L.
    Fuck 'em (the governmental fucks, not the corr offs).
    More will quit. More will leave NY (and probably move to TN and TX -- too bad for us Tennessee bastards). The the convicts will escape, and hopefully cap a few of the aforementioned governmental fucks, and then someone will "Rittenhouse" their ass in the streets.
    Two problems solved at once.
    -Just A Chemist

  3. Well, it will get worse for you peasants. Those of us who are persons of quality will still get the best care available.
    - The Elites


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