Friday, December 03, 2021

Chaining a dog outside will be illegal in Texas starting in 2022

Animal rights advocates are celebrating a new Texas law that is catching up to a San Antonio ordinance that has been in place for years. 

Starting Jan. 18, 2022, unattended dogs will no longer be allowed to be restrained with chains or heavy weights outdoors in the state of Texas. The practice has been banned in San Antonio city limits since Oct. 2017.


I never have been one for chaining dogs up, matter of fact before we started bringing that asshole dog Jack inside I went down and spent 300 bucks on a kennel with a nice cover, then I walled the sides with plywood to keep the wind and rain out.
Now we just keep him inside - I don't think he's been in the Jack Jail but maybe once or twice in the past year.


  1. I've had probably ten dogs over the years. Seven of them Labs. I have never chained a dog and never will. I've always had a good fence of at least four acres around every home I've owned. Twice I've bought homes and the day after close I was putting up fence for my dog.

  2. If you're not prepared to provide an animal with what it needs; a fenced yard, a warm bed, good food, vet care when needed, and lots of love, don't have one.
    A pet rock is about your speed.

  3. Same here. And always had a doggy door. The only time I had to tie up my dog (and that was inside) was when he had a tendon or ligament (not sure) surgery. The vet said he could not walk or run on it for 4 weeks. Longest 4 weeks of my life and probably his, too. He had tried to jump my 6 foot fence. I did have to get collars that squirted citronella because my second dog was a barker and she got my first dog barking. I am sure the neighbors appreciated it! The dogs, not so much.

  4. Chaining a dog outside is just wrong.

    If you dont bring your pet inside, you should not have the pet.

    Working dogs are slightly different. Hunting, herding and livestock protection dogs have to be free to roam and do their jobs.

  5. A chained dog is not a pet, it's a prisoner.

  6. Amen Brother! I hate to see any animal chained up like that...:-0

  7. I foresee a lot of meter readers/delivery persons getting bitten in Texas. Some people do have vicious dogs and train them to be so for protection. As sick and misguided as that is, it is a reality.

  8. Y'all can hate all you want, I've got a 120lb pit that lives on a chain between my house and shop, loves the kids and wife, fn HATES everyone else with the heat of 1000 suns, that's his job and he's damn good at it. Nary a breathing creature can step foot or paw on my property without him letting me know, and nothing is getting past him to my house or shop. He's got a awesome triple insulated dog house, is well fed with the best chow, and gets plenty of attention from the family. I do not see how that is cruel.

    1. "I do not see how that is cruel."

      Well, of course *you* don't. You're just an uneducated peasant, not experts like us!
      - Texas animal rights activists

  9. Former neighbors son came to visit. He had a mastiff and kept it on a chain inside of a fenced yard. The chain was attached to a line. One day the stop on one end broke. It took Marmaduke about five minutes to dig under the fence.
    If left in the house during the day he would have completely destroyed the place.
    He was a great dog when his owner was present. When he wasn't there, it was another matter.
    I hate when people leave a dog cooped up in a tiny cage all day. But in some instances that is the best solution.
    Dog sitting is also a very bad answer. Dogs are pack animals. They respect you as the leader of the pack. When you have a sitter, they then divide loyalty. Sitter has them for eight plus. You go to sleep after five or six. Guess who owns their heart.
    Chaining is better than the mountain of destruction a high energy dog can unleash.
    If it comes from California or Austin, it is 100% wrong every time. Liberals are determined to ruin humanity.

    1. "Liberals are determined to ruin humanity."

      Erroneous! Untrue! We are determined to exterminate humans. Big difference. Huge, in fact.
      - Liberals

  10. I seen two dogs die because they were chained. Both got the chains caught up on an obstruction (a fence post in one and a branch on the other). Both ended up getting the chain tangled to the point they couldn't sit down, and one to the point that the front paws were no longer in contact with the ground. Eventually they passed out and suffocated.

    Interestingly, this isn't just a doggie problem. I know of a case many years ago where a man died in a Halloween haunted house. His job was to be the "hanged man." The noose was low enough so that he could just stand up and relieve pressure. So, he just stood there until guests walked by. When the guests came down the path, he would sag, and it looked like he was hanged. Unfortunately, he did it too long one time, passed out, and hanged for real. For some hours guests continued to walk by without noticing.

    Most people don't grasp how easy it is to accidentally suffocate even with loose ligatures on the neck, including dog collars (on dogs or people).

  11. Shitz protecting my family and property is my job and I'm an expert in that field. My dog is the best I've ever seen at giving a heads up when the boundries of my property get crossed and he ain't chained up. Stop! He stops. Come! He comes. Never had a better friend and I'm in my 60's. When my days run out on this earth I want to go to the heaven that dogs go to if they'll have me.

  12. Gonna piss people off, tuff shit. Animals getting better treatment than people. Get in more trouble treating a dog wrong than killing a person
    Backwoods Okie

    1. Crazy shit huh.....
      Most of the dogs I've owned were working dogs, they serve a purpose besides eating food I provide and crapping in my yard that I have to clean up.
      Over the last 50 years I've kept dogs on trollies, fenced cages, fenced yard, in the house and yes on a chain.
      All were well fed, housed, brushed daily, obedience trained and up on all their meds, in other words better than some people take care of their kids.
      People who put animals on the same level as humans are strange to me, they are not children or people with 4 legs and I don't have a use for an animal that serves no productive purpose.
      What ever, my motto is you do you and I'll do me, I don't care if we don't agree

  13. WTF?


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