Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Good Morning



  1. Really Ken, it's a bit early for selfies.

  2. Still working on the reflex that chewing on exposed human flesh means "Feed me, Human". That bit of genetic programming always emerges, eventually.

  3. Ya know as a kid I hated cats. I was kind of ingrained in me by the men of the times. In my early twenties my daughter wanted, yup a god damned cat. So, I got one. Damn if I didn't like the hell out of that cat and have since always had one. I think they are great. I've got a six month old now, Bear, and he is a terror. My dog Maggie Mae loves him to death. He's a pistol I tell ya.

    1. My story is similar.
      My son wanted a cat, cat decided I was her guy; she was my constant home companion for nearly 18 years. She liked to tuck herself under my arm & rest her head on the back of my hand, and rub her chin on my knuckles.
      So I've collected a few ferals and a couple of rescues since then.


  4. That is so damned sweet it makes my teeth hurt.

  5. I spent a good part of the morning playing "videos for cats" on youtube to our two feral rescue cats who are now about 8 months and 10 lb ea. Birds are their favs but rodents come in a close 2nd. I have to keep a hand on each to avoid them crashing into my monitor. One of the cats thinks the birds are behind the monitor..she keeps going there.

  6. Cats and dogs are amazing helpmates in this world. As I understand it, Kabul Small Animal Rescue has gotten many critters out of Afghanistan.
    There are several no kill shelters in the Washington DC area that were taking in her refugees (4paws, Merrifield?), and I believe that last week or so a huge amount of critters made it to Vancouver.
    Those animals are survivors, and quite personable given the constant human interaction. Whoever gets Putin the Russian Blue, good on ya!


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