Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Tennessee Comptroller Suspends COVID-19 Exemptions for Businesses

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office this week suspended all exemptions that allowed businesses, governmental agencies, schools and other employers to impose COVID-19 vaccination as a condition to receive federal funds. 

The decision, which Comptroller Jason E. Mumpower announced Wednesday, came after federal judges in Kentucky and Louisiana issued preliminary injunctions on Tuesday. It also follows a sweeping bill signed by Gov. Bill Lee on Nov. 12 that says government entities cannot require private businesses to instate COVID-19 mandates.


  1. They could not be any more confusing if they tried. I thought if you had an exemption from a mandate, you did not have to comply with it.
    I have noticed a lot of voting resolutions are worded this way, too. i.e. "Do you agree that this proposition is not in agreement with the abolishment of the requirement to require certain activities that have been rescinded by other means as mandated by prior laws?"

  2. You don't need a fucking exemption from a forced medical procedure. Wake the fuck up and stand up for your God givin rights. Wow. No mandate is law. It is a disrespectful request at best.

  3. Count me in the confused camp on this one.

    1. I may be wrong but previous to this the State of Tennessee exempted local businesses that must enforce vaccine Mandate in order to do business with the Federal government from state laws that forbid the force vaccination for employment. Now that the Federal vaccine mandate for Federal contractors is stayed by the court(s), Tennessee businesses can no longer use that excuse to be exempt from State law that forbid Covid vaxx for employment. That my take. I am no lawyer. I been follow Tennessee Covid policies closely because i am interest relocating.

  4. All the fucking jabs available TODAY in the USA are under EUA which means they are EXPERIMENTAL and CANNOT BE COOERCED OR MANDATED. They MUST be voluntary with FULL informed consent (which idiots are not informed).

    I will not COMPLY!


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