Thursday, January 20, 2022

Oughta work

Catalytic converter thieves look out: The next car you strike could be monitored by the Costa Mesa Police Department. 

On Thursday, police announced on social media that they have noticed “an increase in catalytic converter thefts throughout the city and it continues to be an issue.”


So they're going to put a bait car out there and then post signs saying there's a bait car in the area...

Let me tell you how that's going to work:
They're going to park one cop on the bait car for 3, maybe 4 days with no arrests because they posted those signs. After no activity in that time frame, they'll pull the cop off saying they can't justify wasting the resources of an already shorthanded department due to the coronavirus, but because there weren't any catalytic converters stolen in 3-4 days, the program was a raging success.


  1. They should just put face masks on those converters.
    Works. Every. Single. Time.

  2. I tried to rent a truck at Home Depot last summer, but 3 of the 4 trucks were out of service because of converter theft.

  3. The place I take my not under warranty vehicles flattens the tires overnight on anything that’s tall enough for an adult to crawl under without a jack because of shit like that. Said they can’t afford another vehicle getting hit like that. Wastes so much time every day letting the air out before they leave, and having to inflate the tires before moving the cars.


  4. Nothing like telling your opponent exactly what your strategy is or just maybe the cops are baiting the criminals to ply their trade elsewhere, where they'll actually be.


  5. Ya stretch the neck on a few of the retards and this shit'll stop mui pronto. Or give it a good dose of juicification through your grounded carcass works pretty good too. Either way, problem solved.

  6. Sell your own CC and replace it with a straight pipe. Win-win. We did this in the 80's.

  7. Or... the thieves will simply steal the cc from the cop car watching the bait car while the cop snoozes. THEN they'll steal the cc from the bait car.


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