Thursday, January 20, 2022

Redwood Logging | 1946 | Documentary on the Giant Redwood Lumber Industry in California

 This documentary shows us the cutting, loading, transportation, mill sawing and finishing operations of the Northern California's redwood lumber industry in the 1940s.

VIDEO HERE  (11 minutes)


  1. The Robber Barons on the left finally got their revenge: The statue of Theodore Roosevelt, founder of the National Park System, was removed today from New York City.
    Just wondering, did he know Robert Lee?

  2. Not a tree hugger here, but damn.

  3. Hmmm… now when I drop a 20” oak I feel like a pussy…

  4. When mens were mens. Tough way to make a living for sure.

  5. They can survive everything but us.
    Imagine what you could do with just one of those logs.

  6. There's a motel down in Crescent City that was built all out of one tree. I used to love that place. Each room had a covered parking space all its own. Pets welcome. The bathrooms were all OG tile and sturdy and clean. You could watch old movies all night with no commercials. There were rooms for smokers and rooms for nonsmokers. You got a free breakfast at the restaurant across the street, and coffee from the office 'round the clock.

    If they hadn't turned all prissy yuppie, no smoking, no pets, office closing at 10pm, and a chit for a shitty little stale pastry some two or three miles away, I'd be considering how I might be able to retire there right now.


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