Tuesday, January 25, 2022

What would it mean for COVID-19 to be endemic?

Some European countries such as Spain are making tentative plans for when they might start treating COVID-19 as an “endemic” disease, but the World Health Organization and other officials have warned that the world is nowhere close to declaring the pandemic over. A look at what endemic means and the implications for the future.


Oh, horseshit. They're going to start using the word endemic instead of pandemic in an effort to convince the masses that the bullshit they put us through made a difference.


  1. Tired of this shit. Had a nasty cold in dec. 2019. Two years later & no colds since.

  2. Endemic means herd immunity, a term seldom heard these days.


  3. It's word salad for the idiots who live for that shit.

  4. NO. They want to use the word endemic to convince the masses that the bullshit they've put us through needs to be permanant.

  5. I agree Kenny they are charging the narrative because they have shot their wad and lost. Time to declare victory abs blame the filthy unvaccinated for the ongoing die off. SAT CONG MUTHA FUC&ERS.


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