Friday, August 19, 2022

That's it, encourage that shit

Who said only superheroes could have their own action figures? 

The Karens of the world can rejoice as their difficult-to-digest persona now comes in the form of a toy. 

The K-name has been coopted to call out many a “white-lady-with-a-bone-to-pick” socio-cultural faux pas online, spurring slangy put-downs like “Calm down, Karen.”


  1. Remember that the original Karen was from the movie Goodfellas?

  2. Soon to be followed by the "Shut up, Karen" action figure with black eye and busted lip

  3. I can think of a couple of other "action figures" that should be made. Ones with a bit more pigmentation, and you get free handcuffs for them.

  4. I seem to recall the origin of the Karen meme 8-9 years ago came about when a series of rants made the rounds on social media, and a few of the ladies happened to be named Karen, which led to comments of "Of course her name would be Karen" and it stuck.

    I miss pre-2016 social media, before so many sites got co-opted by the same forces that created the woke mob.

  5. “We’re looking for fun even in uncertain times like these,” I can’t freakin’ stand this phrase. Every damn talking head through covid shit parrot the phrase. I just want to go back to certain times.


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